Ben Hogan – Tales of the Hawk

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Reup of this wonderful vid of Mr. Hogan from the old banned Hyno Channel. Credits to Ralph Perez from Gotham Golf Blog and the people from Hyno Design for this video.
Take a closer look – you will find footage of Mr. Hogan which you probably never saw before!

5 Responses to “Ben Hogan – Tales of the Hawk”

  1. Mark Linder says:

    Great vid, thanks for digging it out of the dirt:)

  2. DASH1ful says:

    The secrets in the garage forecourt

  3. bizallin says:


  4. BigMindSociety says:

    2:21- Check out Mike Souchak’s (just to the right of Hogan in the
    background) impact bowed left wrist (dorsi flexed) – WOW!

  5. Jamie Garnett says:

    The club head never actually stops moving.. it’s accelerating the whole
    time. That’s why his swing looked “quick”. Virtually every modern player
    with the exception of a few, have a transition that involves a
    deceleration, a momentary “pause” and then acceleration back toward the
    target. The “lay off” in hogans swing is simply him allowing the
    acceleration to continue during the transition. I’ll leave the rest to you
    guys.. awesome when you get it though.

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