Ben Hogan – Tales of the Hawk

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A Hyno Designs Production – Tales of the Hawk – Ben Hogan

A special thanks to Gotham Golf Blog for the help on this project and supplying the raw footage.

20 Responses to “Ben Hogan – Tales of the Hawk”

  1. penprick says:

    I never noticed his left knee move forward on the back swing until
    yesterday. I played today and made this move – quite effective.


    Hogan was a great striker of the ball because there was no wasted motion.
    Especially watch his long iron shots, it’s not about brute force, it’s
    about using energy effectively.

  3. Stephen C says:

    It looks to me like Mr. Hogan had his hands behind the ball or even with
    the ball at address? I never see the handle in a forward press position.
    Its a beautiful posture, perfect.

  4. Oldag75 says:

    Gosh he was masterful.

  5. martinkp76 says:

    very good job bro! awesome video as always..

  6. Brettt08 says:

    Best hogan compilation out there

  7. jenton70 says:

    Great footage and music choice!

  8. Jo mic says:

    who looked more natural, hogan swinging a golf club. or clapton playing

  9. samimalmstrom says:

    Every time I considered to quit golf, got frustrated, saw no point in
    continueing etc, the second Ben Hogan crossed my mind – my idol – I knew I
    wasnt done yet and went out to seek deeper ‘in the dirt’ and work harder.
    What a man!

  10. Andrew Wiggins says:

    2:03 who is that is that byron nelson?

    wow two of my heroes in the same video. amazing

  11. Andrew Wiggins says:

    the 2:48 quick dtl footage is amazing. where did you get it?

    i would like to see that in super super slow mo!

  12. Frank McChrystal says:

    Glad I ran across this. Thanks for the old footage!

  13. Carl Welty says:

    I took this film. Hynodesignclassic wont tell you the year or where it was
    Carl Welty

  14. Carl Welty says:

    That was Mike Souchack that walk up to him !

  15. Bud Bopalula says:

    Well done. Liked it very much.

  16. Tim Shay says:

    Just look at the finish position. No one got through the ball like Mr.

  17. Tristan Blevins says:

    Could the secret of Hogan maybe be his finish position? Think about where
    the toe of the club points and how to get there with a weak grip…

  18. Nips says:

    Look at the wrist break at the top of his back swing compared to the big
    guy behind him. The big guy’s (Mike Souchack) club stops and Hogan’s shaft
    almost hits his right shoulder on his back swing.

  19. bizallin says:


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