Ben Hogan – The Golf Grip

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben hogan's golf grip

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  1. MrFairway says:

    Jim McLean

  2. Matthew Sanger says:

    This is the best of the videos I have seen on the Five Lessons-grip. Who is
    the guy in the video and where is the rest of his instruction to be found?

  3. lawr66 says:

    I use exactly this later version of the Hogan grip. I never knew the Vardon
    grip was over the 1st finger and not in the gap, as described at 5:19. I
    still draw the ball using the Hogan grip. I thought you were supposed to be
    able to turn the hands over as it’s part of learning to really feel the
    hands working. But the Hogan grip and keeping the face open until squaring
    it at impact does help keep a hook at bay. IMHO, Hogan’s secret was he knew
    a lot more about the swing than even other pros.

  4. Perrie Garcia says:

    Jim Mclean is the gentlemen in the video. I forgot the name of this
    particular show, but it was a series featured on the Golf Channel and was
    very popular. Jim Mclean is a world renowned instructor. Although I don’t
    agree with a lot of the things he says, I respect that fact that he has
    successfully taught many golfers.

  5. Manny Chooch says:

    in a hogan video, ben referred to another players grip being comfortable.
    does anyone know of that video? i can’t find it.

  6. Manny Chooch says:

    the only grip i that i know that was close to hogan was stan leonard’s

  7. ezeddie32 says:

    If you want to play good golf you MUST have a GREAT-not good, grip! To me
    the best advice I have seen on the golf grip is in this video. For me
    personally the payoff and key is from 4:26 to 4:44. High right hand as
    opposed to on the side, or worse from under the left hand. This caused me
    to be severely under plane in my back swing, and hit big pull hooks.!

    • tatchy1001 says:

      +ezeddie32 Simply not true at all !!!!!!!!!! Many of the worlds best tour
      pros have reached the top of the game with a grip that is by this
      definition strong or hookers grip, Dustin Johnson, David Duval, Jum Furyk,
      Paul Azinger, Fred Couples, Zach Johnson, Bubba Watson and Moe Norman to
      name a small few who would disprove your statement that you ‘MUST nave a
      GREAT grip’

  8. Myrtle Beach Golf Schools says:

    Jim Mcclean one of the country’s best.Senior Golfers can overcome the
    effects on aging in golf. 5 Keys For More Distance. Why the method most
    tour players use doesn’t work for the average golfer.

  9. Brian Pope says:

    This grip is a good way to get arthritis lol

  10. Serg Kaizen says:

    Excellent lesson ty

  11. Tony Tran says:

    why is it important that the v faces the right shoulder?

    • Dave Rosenthal says:

      +Tony Tran It creates a strong grip, but not too strong, which allows the
      hands to rotate and create a draw

  12. amfohr says:

    The instruction about the V’s is useless, if you have large hands you have
    much more overlap of the thumb and that is not fixed by a midsize grip.
    What matters is where you make contact with the grip INSIDE the hand, the
    outside can cover up all kind of grip issues.

  13. nwahforever says:

    I’d rather grip like Hulk Hogan

  14. Thomas Huettner says:

    You never explain what the Hell a long thumb is. is it moving the hand up
    the club, is it bending the thumb to shorten it. if the former, how does
    moving the hand up the c;ub shorten the thumb. CONFUSED

    • Dave Rosenthal says:

      +Thomas Huettner A long thumb is simply sliding it down the shaft. Pulling
      the thumb up the shaft creates a short thumb. When sliding the thumb, the
      grip with the rest of the fingers doesn’t change and the position of the
      hand on the golf club doesn’t change

  15. Hubert Macachor says:

    There is no professional who understands why the grip is Vardon or
    Interlocking grip instead of a 10 finger or baseball grip. If you
    understand the principle write it here.

    • Dave Rosenthal says:

      +Hubert Macachor you want your hands to work together. With a baseball grip
      your hands will work more independently of each other, resulting in very
      inconsistent ball flights

  16. Hubert Macachor says:

    A Vardon and Interlocking grip is more powerful than a baseball grip
    because you have a longer arc.

  17. Stephen Part says:

    I am bewildered by all of the experts on these sites. You would think you
    are all PGA professionals winning every week. Seriously. Stop trying to be
    the expert and thinking you know betterr. Just go out and try it and see if
    it works. If it doesn’t go back to your none professional weekly golfer

  18. e james says:

    I feel like the left hand is pressuring to the right and the right hand is
    pressuring to the left.And the club is secured in that manner.

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