Ben Hogan The Open 1953 Carnoustie

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A great collection of photographs showing Hogan at Carnoustie in his one and only attempt at winning the Open Championship.
A great variety of pictures of Hogan playing and interacting with the fans.

13 Responses to “Ben Hogan The Open 1953 Carnoustie”

  1. prinsvlad says:

    just fantastic!!! thank you Bradley

  2. ChrisMossGolf says:

    brilliant!!! great shots thanks Bradley

  3. Charles Criner says:

    Great video! Love the Gladiator music!

  4. Anthony Mead says:

    The most brilliant golfer ever.

  5. Sean Conner says:

    EXCELLENT collection of photos!

  6. Charlie Pilgrim says:

    see the crowds that came out to watch the great man just Fantastic!

    • Charlie Pilgrim says:

      Just love the aura about this video of the great man!

    • Coolhand850 says:

      +Charlie Pilgrim His figure and the aura around him as you say only grows
      greater every passing year. He is definitely became a mythical figure, and
      he will be revered for all time. Hogan is golf like Pele is to Futbol or
      Babe Ruth to Baseball or Jordan to Basketball or Bobby Orr to Hockey or Jim
      Brown to American Football or Rod Laver to Tennis. Nicklaus is right there
      as well, but like Tommy Bolt once said, “I have seen Nicklaus watch Hogan
      practice, but I have never seen Hogan watch Nicklaus practice. Between
      missing so much time to WWII, the accident cutting down on the events he
      could enter, and it really taking 12 years or so before he started winning
      at all, his record is mind boggling. Not to mention his golf swing and
      understanding of it.

  7. Tim Crowdy says:

    Wonderful collection – thank you.

  8. Bill Golfer says:


  9. Coolhand850 says:

    Great pictures of the great man. When I think golf, I think of Scotland and
    Ben Hogan; like Yankee Stadium and Babe Ruth. As fate would only have it,
    Hogan played his one and only British Open at arguably the toughest course
    in the world, and definitely the most difficult in the Open Rota. Why would
    it have been any other way? Hogan has more fans now than he did when he was
    actually playing. The epitome of what hard work and perserverance can
    achieve if somebody is really passionate about something,

  10. Terence Dowling says:

    A golfing God

  11. Chris Pankow says:

    Just fantastic…love these pictures.

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