Ben Hogan – the Secrets in the Dirt ?

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

So just like everybody who loves golf ,I am drawn to those YouTube videos that say Ben Hogans secret revealed. Well this is my take on what he meant but remember Ben Hogan stated that 70% of his game was mental ,30% was his swing, so as I say Attitude determines Altitude,in short right thinking + right swing = great golf . Enjoy and keep it simple.

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  1. DASH1ful says:

    tommy rott

  2. Mike Williams says:

    You are wrong in everyway sorry about that one I decoded Ben hogans secret
    where making a video and a a book about it and if you like to here it you
    can contact me

    • Andrew Linch says:

      Ben Hogan said himself that 70% of his swing was mental, which is what I
      wrote , but what all great players have in common is there great footwork,
      which is what most player’s do not have.So great footwork plus great mental
      attitude will produce better golf.

    • Mike Williams says:

      Secrets in the dirt andrew

    • Mike Williams says:

      You can call me when ever your like to learn what that means

    • Andrew Linch says:

      YouTube video Ben Hogan and Father Keller, great video Ben explains his
      secret, Secrets in the mind Mike lol, I have far more success improving
      pupils swngs by changing the way they think the 70%, which in turn changes
      the 30% the swing, enjoy.

    • Mike Williams says:

      I have something andrew that will shock you ,something that will make all
      your students play golf at least 50% better it can be explained
      scientifically or short an simple ,it’s very cool ,email me your number if
      you would like to learn this

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