Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I share the Top 5 things to know about Hogan's swing in order to rebuild your golf swing. Also, I share a trailer for my new movie I've begun called "Looking for Hogan".

I would also like to share my new film/instructional video The Hogan Code, which is unlike any other golf video on the market. It tells my story and reveals the secrets that I discovered while I was 6 on my year quest to swing like the great Ben Hogan.

Master the golf swing today with The Hogan Code!

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And, for the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

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24 Responses to “BEN HOGAN TOP 5 SECRETS!!!”

  1. Adam Grym says:

    I guess, you have a point! Greetings! 

  2. riley araujo says:

    why doesn’t he just meet Ben Hogan ?

  3. john moore says:

    Whow guys Ben hogan this is not a swing no way would I learn anything from
    these old golfers they were horrible swings all of them they suited them at
    the time but the swing these days is a whole lot better and smoother more

    Jack These guys were great winning but try and copy

  4. dennis baker says:

    You should go play Trophy Club in Grapevine,Tx I believe it’s his only
    course he designed I may be wrong but that’s what I’ve heard and the statue
    of Ben Hogan entering the course is simply amazing

  5. ed chapman says:

    Best of luck with this movie but Hogan’s secret was buried with him – the
    man was a genius to begin with and had drive and determination we can’t
    even fathom. He built his swing painstakingly by experimenting with
    various techniques and as he says in The Modern Fundamentals, discarded
    what didn’t work until he finally had all the pieces together. To think
    there is some specific “secret” isn’t realistic because years and years
    went into assembling the complete action. Anyway, I admire your enthusiasm
    and at least you picked the greatest swing of all time to analyze – again,
    good luck.

  6. Tim Flaherty says:

    Glad you are a devoted Hogan-phile like me!

  7. Tommy H says:

    awesome, its like “searching for bobby fischer”

  8. kilroy escalante says:

    Come to Fort Worth,if you want his stories,Hogen was here everyday at shady
    Oaks Country Club,come here to his home and talk to those at the club that
    saw him everyday, I knew people that saw him everyday there.He was a very
    private man..You should come here . He never disappeared,like he was never
    to be found.

  9. makotomatsu says:
  10. kyle251 says:

    i love the sound of those old wooden drivers

  11. Juan Lozano says:

    Christo, I don’t believe that we can all copy one style of golf swing and
    have it apply equally to all. People have different body styles and ways of
    swinging a golf ball and they (we) cannot always adapt someone else’s style
    of swinging a golf club.
    However, we can copy impact if we know what the objective is. I believe
    that objective is to hit the low point somewhere after the ball. That’s it.

  12. Gold Golf Balls says:

    Wow you have a movie coming out. Very cool. Putting together documentaries
    are a lot of fun and no better topic than Mr. Hogan. I am going over to the
    website and take a look.

  13. James Horan says:

    Scotland and Carnoustie, the toughest course in the Open rota, revere
    Hogan. How in 1953, he made his only trip to the Open, had to qualify
    after winning the Masters and U.S. Open that year and won the Open.

  14. Cupbearer says:

    You do a fantastic job presenting the information in a professional and
    captivating manner. I hope the movie was/is a great success! I am looking
    to rebuild my swing in exactly the same fashion. Thank you for your

  15. Brian Reilly says:

    I was just thinking about things Nicklaus’s more Norman hogan had in common
    1a palm grip in left hand 2 one ball position for all clubs and solid
    fundamentals .I think I will be trying palm grip as all three use it why is
    it not taught I think its worth a try

  16. evaneezy says:

    Christo is that Brookside youre playing at…

  17. Hubert Macachor says:

    A challenge to all professionals. Why a Vardon or Interlocking grip rather
    than 10 finger or baseball grip.If you know the answer you are just one of
    the very few and post it in your comment so that I can correct it.

  18. Iqbal Kathrada says:

    Christo, you too have a pretty solid swing. I like it. All the best with
    your movie. Hope it’s a great success.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Iqbal Kathrada I’m planning a number of film shoots later this month and
      next month in Texas! It’s going to be incredible!!!

  19. stratovani says:

    When I started playing golf one of the first books I bought was Ben Hogan’s
    Five Lessons. I read it over and over again, and I incorporated his
    teachings into my own swing. One thing I took away from Hogan’s swing is
    the smoothness and tempo of his swing, which I believe is the hallmark of a
    great swing.

  20. HALF MT says:

    In baseball, I see in my opinion, that if you hold the bat with the label
    up facing the sky as you tap the end of the bat on home plate, but then as
    they swing in slow motion video that the label then becomes the trailing
    edge of the bat and the label is now facing your right shoulder for a right
    handed swing? IDK?

    • myswingevolution says:

      I think that’s the way Dustin Johnson hits it. That’s what a super strong
      grip gives you IMHO.

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