Learn Ben Hogans Secret

PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the latest Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrids on GC2 with FSX software to show you how they perform.


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  1. Michael Ticehurst says:

    In my humble opinion, they are very Adams ‘Peanut’ style or similar to some
    Ping Hybrids Rick!!?

  2. Trey Schneider says:

    Rick, can u please do a review on the Nike Vapor Fly fairway wood and

  3. Darren Sakaio says:

    I think they are a Tetleys… Not my cup of tea. I personally prefer the
    squished up fairway look.

  4. Anthony Jordan says:

    so Rick did anyone actually win the Callaway open bag because the 2 or 3
    videos it has been sat there now I would love a bag like that 😊

  5. Simon Thornton says:

    I have missed the club reviews. Great job. I agree with some other
    comments, they look like Adams or r15

  6. Illuminarty says:

    i’ll go along with everyone else saying what it looks like, glossy callaway
    apex with a slightly bigger head

  7. joec0914 says:

    Rick, why are the heads on long irons, or hybrids in this case, smaller
    than short irons? Because long irons are harder to hit in the first place,
    wouldn’t it make sense to have the heads be as bigr or even bigger than
    short irons?

  8. Spencer Mulcahy says:

    I have the benross rip speed and they look similar i love the look as you
    feel you are playing with a forgiving long iron.

  9. gbvoul says:

    looks weird

  10. Marcus says:

    what do you classefy as mid handicaper and what do you classefy as a low

  11. Cole Thornton says:

    Rick,. Did you qualify for the Open?

  12. JAG sixtyfive says:

    I’d really like to see a comparison test between these and a Callaway Apex
    Hybrid. Very similar looking hybrids, but no surprise there, as Hogan is a
    subsidiary of Callaway, but that would make the comparison test all the
    more interesting.

    • Robert Cazio says:

      I think you might be mistaken. Callaway used to own the rights to the Hogan
      name but sold it but kept some of the names like the apex irons.

  13. Mrbigolnuts says:

    I’m a long time great admirer of Rick’s superb Ben Hogan set, all class,
    bag looks great also. Those hybrids look stunning, more tests with them

  14. srgfowler says:

    I think in general, Hybrids are more for the higher handicapper anyways so
    i think maybe it should be tested by Rob in a future vid.

  15. Marta Webber says:

    That is a CLONE of the Adams pro a12

  16. sodthong says:

    Hybrids are no more one dimensional than an Iron. In fact, they are easier
    to knock down than irons imo..

    • Alec von weissenberg says:

      Yes true, but you still have to work much harder with a hybird to get a low
      fade for example compared to a long iron, which are much easier to work on
      the height and the bending of the ball. Ofcourse the workability of the
      irons depends greatly of the “bladeness” of the club. For me, the callaway
      apex pro’s provides perfect harmony of forgiveness and ability to work the
      ball in ways that I want.

  17. Brett Stevens Golf says:

    Similar shape to the Taylormade R15 Hybrid, apart from the weights. I love
    the look of them, good replacement for driving irons.

  18. 1Down5Up says:

    I think you may have to swallow some pride and start gaming hybrids Rick.
    Every time i see you hit one it looks like very nice shot. The ability to
    shape longer irons isn’t much good if the strike isn’t always on point.
    Love the videos you make, regardless how well you play, Thanks!

    • xsarahxrichx xsarahxrichx says:

      Tbh he’s bloody stupid for using hogans, he should use irons with a bigger
      head but he thinks he’s too good

  19. SearchBucket2 says:

    How can any manufacturer put the name “Ben Hogan” on a contemporary club?
    He never knew of these clubs or the concept when he was alive. Disgraceful
    commercialism, but that’s golf equipment for you isn’t it? Parties telling
    every six months that what you have is crap and the new stuff is
    “superior”. Yeah right, all those low profile irons, square-headed drivers,
    oversized clubs are all improvements ….. so good they all found the bin!

  20. xsarahxrichx xsarahxrichx says:

    Why is everyone in the comments section sound like a seasoned tour pro,

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