Ben Hogan vs. Tiger Woods – Swing Analysis – Part 1

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

This particular video comparison of Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan stands out because of the unexpected similarities in their respective techniques. I make it a point throughout my video analysis work to point out items that reoccur consistently: in this case the lowering of the head due to the increase in spine angle is present in both players. In order to achieve this increase while keeping the head out over the ball the hips must deepen and the body weight must compress into the ground, precisely the action that TV announcers readily peg as a serious problem. But it is incredibly obvious to me: if Tiger does it (14 majors), and Hogan did it (9 majors), then how can it be bad?

5 Responses to “Ben Hogan vs. Tiger Woods – Swing Analysis – Part 1”

  1. TheBull06 says:

    Could you do a video strictly on the takeway and what we should do and
    feel, and also what someone needs to do to get rid of a “lift”? I’m really
    struggling with this :(. Thanks a lot

  2. David Schultz says:

    jonathan byrd vs ben hogan would be neat to see as well.

  3. Maurice Jones says:

    You can also look at Gary Player Byron Nelsen, and many others who dip.
    Player won all over the world, and Nelsen was one of the most accurate
    players ever. I never understood the comments about someone dipping, I
    always thought you had to get down into the ball to hit solid shots. I
    watched Snead play Hogan in Wonderful World of Golf (I think that is what
    it was),and both of them dipped into the ball. I guess some know how to
    play and some just talk about it.

  4. Boomer Tee says:

    Well done. Vision accuracy is critical in seniors. AMD and, Vision loss is
    now the #2 Health cost in the US. Is Obama Care working?? Are YOU protected
    from the new UVB Blue light(A.Fletcher/blue light)?
    Prevention is here.

  5. kathy kuchma says:

    The camera is very low. Without his ego his swing is useless

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