Ben Hogan vs. Tiger Woods – Swing Analysis – Part 2

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  1. Wayne Defrancesco says:

    Maybe, if he were the only one doing it. However, looking at the great
    players of the past and present so many (most) of them do the same thing to
    varying degrees without knee problems that I would have to think that the
    downward pressure, while certainly loading the knee joints, does not cause
    knee problems by itself, just as jumping does not cause problems for
    basketball players. Once the knee is injured, though, it is hard to make a
    good swing or dunk a basketball.

  2. brown55061 says:

    I should send you a video of my swing so you can show people what NOT to
    do. I’m actually curious to go video some of my swings to see how much I
    compress my head. It’s one technicality I’ve never cared to study. Not sure
    I’d fix anything by focusing on head movements. Get too technical and I
    stop thinking about golfing and focus on crap that takes the fun out of it.


    Why not? I choke up on the club when I want to hit it slightly shorter.

  4. Robert Neal says:

    Interesting that you comment that this film was taken with a camera on a
    tripod yet there is certainly evidence that this camera moved during the
    clip. While the movement is small and appears (qualitatively) to be mostly
    in the horizontal direction, it will influence your interpretation of the
    movements sideways during the swing.

  5. Wayne Defrancesco says:

    I think the old tape machines had a certain amount of tape “flutter” where
    the tape was not absolutely secure as it ran through the machine. There are
    a lot of the old videos shot with 16 mm film (I think) that seem to wobble
    but return to exactly the original position (you can tell if the picture
    returns to the line you draw on an object at the beginning of the video).
    Also, by drawing a line on another object you can see the amount of
    movement and apply that when you get to a point of comment


    Are you a Golfer or just someone who’s full of himself? I can’t figure for
    the life of me what the hell you are talking about. There’s no way you can
    compare Watson with Tiger. Watson was a great player but Tiger is on
    another planet altogether!!

  7. capt picard says:

    Fascinating analysis of arguably the two greatest ball strikers ever in
    golf, I totally agree now Tigers swing is more Hoganesque and he favours a
    left to right shape with the driver it has given him way more consistency

  8. yang mkre says:


  9. fradaja says:

    i hate it when you keep hearing new school teaching dissing old school,
    keep your head down WORKS! keep your head still WORKS! don’t take your eye
    off the ball WORKS! raising your left foot stops you getting a bad back and
    prolongs careers, at one time these were the teachings and all bit by bit
    are being proven,

  10. James4:10 says:

    the camera moves on the 2nd round, take that into consideration on tiger’s

  11. Rob W says:

    i read that tigers dad taught him as a kid the hogan method of golf , he
    believed it was structurally more sound and proven

  12. ant john says:

    Enjoyed your video learned lots thanks

  13. clint rep says:

    Most boring guy in the world

  14. clint rep says:

    No, I was talking about De Francesco.

  15. Wayne Defrancesco says:

    Hey clint: thanks for clearing that up.

  16. Jan Dunbar says:

    What do you think? It looks to me that both Tiger and Hogan move their
    clubs above, yet parallel to the original shaft plane angle as they reach
    the tops of their back swings. Their right elbows, however, ride directly
    along the shaft plane at the same time. Maybe the squatting of their bodies
    on the down swing is necessary to return the shafts to the original shaft
    plane as set at address? Maybe this also explains why their hands occupy
    the same “space” at impact as they did at address. Just an observation. Not
    sure if it’s correct though. 

  17. kathy kuchma says:

    I think u over exaggerated the announcers. The tour has always been full of
    guys doing it all different kinds of ways. Just like at your local club
    where there is one ‘hack’ who scores the best. All this nonsense makes
    amateurs worse not better

    • Wayne Defrancesco says:

      Hey kathy: all this nonsense has 4 1/2 million views and tons of comments
      thanking me for the information. And im at the Masters and my guy just won
      the par 3 tournament.

  18. Agua Man says:

    Hello Wayne,
    I am a looooooong time student of the game and was awarded my PGA card in
    1994. My Father Mike Bencriscutto who was inducted into the WPGA Hall of
    Fame taught me a lot before his passing in 90. It is difficult to find
    someone who actually has ‘studied’ and learned what the best ball strikers
    did/do. I’m amazed at times what I hear from the announcers as well.
    Would like to sit down with you sometime and discuss, as there simply
    aren’t many on the same page. I’ve got a few things that I have not heard
    you discuss, and would like your opinion as I am about 1/3 of the way
    writing with a book on many of the things we both agree on.

  19. Eddie Morales says:

    Hey Wayne, great analysis of my two favorite players. It gets annoying when
    the announcers try and break down Tigers swing. That’s why they are
    announcers and not playing on tour. I’ve been taking lessons at my local
    Golftec center and my instructor agrees with you about using the ground and
    it’s natural to drop down, as long as you don’t drop too much. I hit the
    ball so solid when my head goes down rather than my head stays at the same
    height. I hit the ball thin and high and weak when I don’t compress down.
    Well done sir!!

  20. Shizi7 says:

    Before the video analysis revolution many instructors would teach by feel.
    I’ve heard Johnny Miller talk about a player keeping the face of the club
    moving down the target line for a long time, but the actual video shows the
    player moving the face to the left almost immediately after impact. In the
    case of this video they are talking about Tiger’s lowering because it
    contradicts the feel of a level head throughout the swing.. If they would
    come out and say you should feel that the head doesn’t move throughout the
    swing rather than as a statement of fact, then that would be better. It
    hurts people in their golf development because they try to do what the
    announcers are saying, but what the announcers are saying is not what
    actually happens. By the way, Nick Faldo talks a lot without saying much.
    Sometimes, I think it is his English accent that got him the job rather
    than any technical knowledge he brings to the table. Thanks for the videos

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