Ben Hogan’s “hookey” grip explained and how he cured it.

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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10 Responses to “Ben Hogan’s “hookey” grip explained and how he cured it.”

  1. brad stecklein says:

    very nice work, jeff!

  2. Ryan Ramirez says:

    i have never been consistent with the shots, this is definitely the
    foundation right here, great video

  3. kevskigolf says:

    he doesnt do the grip exercise at :50 correctly. hogan showed the butt of
    the grip under the fleshy part of the left hand. the middle drawing on page
    21 of 5 lesssons shows the grip under the fleshy pad, not on top of it.

  4. brad stecklein says:

    @kevskigolf check your eyes. i think you’re wrong on this one, chief!

  5. kevskigolf says:

    its subtle but its there.. its actually quite difficult to balance the club
    in the left hand only WITHOUT letting the thumb and upper part of the hand
    lean acrossto the right to c-balance( as Mr Mcclean is doing). look at the
    mdle picture bottom of page 21. try to do that (look where the left thumb
    is in 5 lessons, to the left of the shaft, in this video, it would be to
    the right and that is counterbalancing the weight of the club. you wouldnt
    need to do this if the butt is under the left pad

  6. brad stecklein says:

    @kevskigolf i’ll have to review five lessons. thanks for reply

  7. OnePlaneSpartan329 says:

    @kevskigolf That’s because he’s showing Hogan’s grip BEFORE he wrote “Five
    Lessons” which was stronger then. Jim clearly stated this is the grip he’d
    want to see most amateurs use.


    Hogan’s weak grip is not good for most golfers today.He had a very flat
    swing and was fighting a bad hook.Most golfers fight a slice.A 2 to 3
    knuckle strong grip is best for most today.

  9. Ryan Kwon says:

    Totally agree. I read 5 lessons to fix my swing but my ballflight was
    straight with short irons and a fade with longer irons. I didn’t know he
    was fighting a hook. I take lessons now with the teaching pro at my local
    golf course and am now a very good ballstriker. I now use a two knuckle
    grip(ONLY 2, 3 = hook for me) with my left thumb a bit towards the right
    side of the grip. My ballflight now is a dead straight or draw bias. Hogan
    was a great ballstriker, but his book is not for everyone.

  10. TheNYgolfer says:

    If the proper grip is so vital then why doesn’t every great golfer use the
    same grip?? There is no one fits all grip as there is no one fits all
    swing. A hitter grips differently than a swinger so try not to mix apples
    and oranges by listening to advice that does not suit your swing style.The
    axe handle technique is more in the palms and the swingers toll the bell
    technique is more in the fingers and mixing them will ruin your game

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