Ben Hogan’s Pane of Glass 2015 Backswing

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan’s Pane of Glass 2015

Ben Hogan’s influence on my golf swing and teaching philosophy continue to impact my career in many fantastic ways. I’ve implemented a training aid I coined Ben Hogan’s “Pane of Glass” 2015 based off Ben Hogan’s illustration from Mr. Hogan’s best selling golf instruction book, Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, the famous Pane of Glass, Ben Hogan’s swing plane theory.

The First known published explanation of the golfers plane was
In 1922 Seymour Dunn prescribed an orthodox swing with club head, hands and swing Centre co-planar throughout. It preceded Hogan's concept of a sheet of glass and advocates that the orthodox swing has hands, club head and swing Centre on a single plane (hence co-planar) during backswing, downswing and follow-through.

Ben Hogan's concept on swing plane from “Five Lessons the Modern Fundamentals of Golf” first published in 1957 continues to help golfers of all skill levels understand the plane of the golf swing.

One of the many important notes: and contributions of Ben Hogan’s concept of the swing plane and Pane of Glass are Mr. Hogan's statement in Five Lessons. "There is no such thing as an absolute and standard plane for all golfers".

Also in the book, Ben Hogan terms the plane as the backswing plane and downswing plane and that the golfer gets on the second plane-without thinking he is changing planes.

I've always admired the look of Ben Hogan's backswing over steeper or more vertical backswing of other top professionals.

I plan to continue work on my backswing and add additional videos, I have so much information to put forth and details to work out. This is an on going project, and since the swing plane is one of the most discussed yet least understood parts of the golf swing by golfers in general.

For now enjoy my first installment

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  1. sh h says:

    great swing!!

    • sb golf says:

      +sh h Thanks for viewing and I have a couple new videos in the works, some
      training drills I’ve been testing out, if the drills assist with my swing
      I’ll add for educational purposes and hope that other golfers might find
      them useful.

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