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Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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The golf world loves to point out the mechanics of Ben Hogan's swing, but what was his real secret to success on the golf course?

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  1. Martin Jones says:

    Hi Shawn. While this is going over much of what your other videos teach I
    never get tired of the message. They act as a great reminder of what golf
    is actually all about. I am getting to the stage where I know what my
    thoughts were at the exact point of impact on good and poor shots. The
    biggest plus of this way of thinking is how bad shots can be easily sent to
    the dustbin and get on with a new positive picture for the next shot. Keep
    up the great work and thank you for the hard work you put in.

  2. Rob Sillito says:

    Great video as always, Shawn. One of my favorite Hogan stories is that one
    day while hitting to his caddy, the caddy lost the ball in the sun and it
    hit him and knocked him down. Apparently Hogan hit him twice more before he
    could get back up. Sounds mean, and maybe not true, but a good testament to
    the Hawk’s deadly accuracy!

  3. Hadrien Durand says:

    Hi Shawn, always as interesting ! i follow you from france and i think i’ve
    seen at least 50 times certain of your videos !!!
    i very much like the way you learn that golf swing, and it’s funny to see
    other videos on the web saying not to turn the hips , or the inverted
    backswing etc…a thing i’d like to have your opinion about club face or
    the club path giving the start of the ball trajectory, cause lots of
    videos exist on this, and here is on of my favorite :
    thanks for all and please never stoop !!! :)

    • RollYourRock says:

      Jeff Mann… really?

    • Greg Lamarche says:

      This is the right study about ball flight direction at impact. It is true.
      85% of the direction is given by the face orientation. And this new
      information has helped me to adjust my grip, my swing plane and my posture.
      Of course, the relationship between direction and club path will give an
      effect to the right or to the left, but, this has more impact with
      beginners. Once you start to manage your swing other correctly, the face is
      the most important factor by far in the ball direction.

  4. Vernon Collis says:

    The best yet – now how about an analysis of Moe Norman?

  5. Mark Rice says:

    Ok… so what IS the difference between a fade release and a draw release?

  6. Kourtney Knowles says:

    Shawn just wanted to say thank you for all your work! Ive watched your
    videos for the last two years and recently Ive been reading this amazing
    book that goes along with your lessons about predicting contact and
    visualizing your shots. I thought id recommend it to you to add to your
    library. Its called “Mind Gym” by author Gary Mack.
    Amazing book with great insight.

    • Shawn Clement says:

      Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will look into it!

    • Robin Martin says:

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  7. Paul G says:

    Shawn, you explain things so simply that many will not realize how deep
    and complex your lessons are. I am a student of the golf swing and have
    read over 300 golf books. It is the hallmark of great instruction that you
    distill what, for many, is complicated and make it simple for students of
    the game. This lesson on Hogan is spot on. The basketball example is
    wonderful. Three different basketball players might have three different
    release patterns but, mentally, their objective is the same. Hogan’s
    focus was his secret, you are right…that is why he was called ‘The Hawk”.

  8. CthulhuOO7 says:

    Shawn, I’ve taught myself golf for the last few years, with the help of
    your videos, Nicklaus’s and Hogan’s books, and drawing from other things
    like archery (physical / mind connection) which I had done before golf. I
    really appreciate your directly applicable, abstract way of teaching. It
    helps me to understand the movements and then how to apply them. I’m not
    sure everyone can learn that way, but it is certainly the way I do as I
    self-teach myself almost everything I do. Much of what you teach in this
    video overlays to things I’ve read in Fred Asbell’s books on instinctive
    shooting (strangely called Instinctive Shooting I and II) with traditional
    archery gear. You might get a kick out of reading them and how they mirror
    a lot of what you are saying here. THANK YOU for all of your videos and
    time invested to help teach this elusive game.

    • Wisdom in Golf Premium says:

      Thank you for that reference on archery, will check that out, and thank you
      formthe great feedback and positive words! Shawn

  9. Anthony Slydell says:

    This makes so much since to me. You have no idea how many times a round
    that I’m dead smack in the middle of the fairway with less than 130yrd and
    miss huge greens, yet at the driving range when I try to hit the MOVING
    BALL CART I can land it within 3 feet 8 of 10 shots! Even when the yards
    change I can still do it with the same club because all I’m thinking of is
    the stupid cart. I feel the shot. Nothing mechanical. Just fire it out to
    the cart. If I can just feel that free for pins I’d be sub 80 for sure.
    Already shoot around 84 but considering how many short approach shot I miss
    it sure be far better. THANKS AGAIN SHAWN! YOUR THE REASON FOR THE 84 NOT

  10. Frank Mcchrystal says:

    Thanks Shawn for the awesome description of PLAY MODE.

  11. Greg Lamarche says:

    Hi Shawn.
    I’ve been following your videos since a while. I particularly like the five
    system that you promote. This is very important. Yet, I think that it can
    be very different for some people. For example, I am more focus on very
    specific details, a bit like Hogan if you story is true. But, some of my
    friends are much more comfortable with the idea or feeling to go to a less
    specific area. They prefer to feel a movement rather than a trajectory.
    These is also a theory defended by coaches that use action types. So, my
    question is: do you think that both approaches are compatibles ?

    • Wisdom in Golf Premium says:

      You start with the approach that allows your internal wiring to function
      properly. That of ball to target and then we see what is short circuiting
      you or preventing you from this task. That is when we look at how your
      anatomy is being used. Are the arms loading properly so that they can
      release energy to the target effortlessly or is your balance and body
      centre off…then you get to put 2 and 2 together! 🙂

    • Greg Lamarche says:

      step by step process then 😉
      Thank you for your reply,
      Best regards

  12. Jay Smooth says:

    I think we all would benefit from having swing feels and thoughts of
    movement rather than position of any kind. No matter how many different
    positions we see from all the best in the world the focus still ends up
    being position or what it looks like. Some good fundamentals in set up and
    grip are needed but hitting this position or that position is pointless
    because it depends on the swing. Knowledge of path and strike is where it’s
    at. If I had a dime for every time someone hit a push fade and think they
    sliced it I’d be rich. Yet majority (with that confusion) will start
    drilling anti slice drills when they aren’t slicing. The ball will always
    start in the direction of the face of the club at impact. What it does
    after that has to do with other things such as release. If the ball starts
    to the left and curves hard right that is a slice. If the ball starts right
    and fades that is a push fade. On the push fade your path is fine you need
    to release the club head. If you did you would not only not push fade but
    you would hit a draw from that position but swing path is heavily

  13. Danielsan says:

    makes me thing….
    but you have to have your fundamentals right to get there… nice video

    • Wisdom in Golf Premium says:

      If you are talking about grip, posture, alignment and ball position, think
      about it this way: how would you know what alignment and ball position to
      use unless you know what you want to do with the ball in the first place?
      For the beginner, yes, they need the experience of ball flight first, this
      is why we show them how to cut grass in the direction of the target…see
      “grass whip shawn clement”

    • Danielsan says:

      +Wisdom in Golf Premium seen it👍 I agree

  14. John Morrison says:

    How much of the swing was changed? I assume the tempo more than the plane.

  15. dillingerexcape87 says:

    Shawn. I feel like certain videos you do such as this one are gold. Pick a
    target, swing through the ball to send it to intended target,…… is
    there really anything else???? I have stumbled down the rabbit hole a few
    times and always seem to come to this conclusion…. the best score I have
    shot is an 80 and all i remember is that I picked a target and hit the ball

    • Shawn Clement says:

      This is what you want to work towards big time; if you have our premium
      channel, you would see what short circuits and distractions would be
      preventing you from staying with this focus; we have a home run with that
      channel content and editing wise!

  16. Jordan Talah says:

    you’re right in that being target-oriented is crucial, but that’s only on
    the course. hogan used to practice in front of a mirror all the time.
    that’s pure mechanics. on the range you should definitely have targets, but
    it’s also just as crucial to get your mechanics where they need to be so
    that you can trust your instincts on the course. some people have flat-out
    bad instincts when it comes to the swing. it doesn’t matter how focused you
    are on your target if you have bad mechanics and you’re instincts are
    telling you to get too steep and over the top. so it’s both. hogan was
    obsessed with mechanics on the range and then ditched the mechanical
    thoughts on the course.

    • Shawn Clement says:

      It is more than that; Hogan’s technique and changes and work on technique
      had to do with getting to his targets better! All his techniques related to
      feeling he could find the target easier!

  17. Thomas Fraser says:

    Hi Shawn being a right handed golfer I have recently discovered that if I
    hold the dorsiflexion of my right hand throughout my swing I hit much more
    consistent shots. I believe Moe Norman on one of his videos said the
    secrete to any ones having good swing is holding the claw throughout the
    swing. I believe Ben Hogan may have done this as well. Greg Norman promoted
    a product call “the secrete” that I find essentially kept the dorsiflexion
    of the right hand throughout the swing. I know you are more in teaching the
    hammer technique, on the downswing; however. have you ever tried the secret
    of ‘the claw’?

    • Shawn Clement says:

      The only time you would need to do this is if the club face is too open at
      address and you need to close the face dynamically by dorsi flexing the
      trail hand or palmer flexing the lead hand. This is a COMPENSATION that
      world class athletes have no issues performing as well as a small
      percentage of my students are strong enough to do it; but the vast, vast
      majority of golfers are better off doing it like I show; I used to do this
      as a junior player and have easily grown out of it for the better. But to
      change Dustin Johnson or Graham McDowell would be a disaster as they have
      done this all their playing years…

    • Thomas Fraser says:

      Thanks for replying, If you recall I am 69 and never swung better using
      this method,. I have notices Spieth keeps his right hand dorsiflexion in
      his golf swing today. Or at least it appears to me as I view him on TV

    • Shawn Clement says:

      Because his grip is so weak!! He has no choice!! Also, his dominant and
      stong side is left. Shawn

    • Thomas Fraser says:

      +Shawn Clement He being number two I will keep my weaker grip as well.
      😃👍Love discussing golf theories with you. Thank you very much for your

  18. dale fuller says:

    good info Shawn. but if there was not video and picture capabilities back
    in Hogan’s day, how did we get video of Hogan, 🙂 ?

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