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Learn Ben Hogans Secret

After years of looking for Ben Hogan's Secret, I finally found what I believe might be the magic move that helped Hogan overcome his dreaded hook. Although we'll never know the true answer, this is the closest that I could find in my search.

I would also like to share my new film/instructional video The Hogan Code, which is unlike any other golf video on the market. It tells my story and reveals the secrets that I discovered while I was 6 on my year quest to swing like the great Ben Hogan.

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27 Responses to “Ben Hogan’s Secret by MySwingEvolution”

  1. Jeff Paull says:

    I’m not sure where you’ve progressed with this by now but just to throw in
    some 2 cents. It appears hogan maintains the cup in his left wrist as he
    starts the downswing. I think e just starts down and then pull his right
    elbow in toward his body. I think shangri la starts to form as the club
    approaches parallel to the ground. His left wrist begins to bow and is left
    elbow rotates medially so that at impact the 2 elbows oppose each other and
    are pointed on a line with the target. Its almost like a putting position.
    After impact I think he pulls his left elbow in toward his body and pulls
    his left glute back and around whipping the club around. I wish I could
    execute any of that.
    Great looking swing Christo!

  2. S Rodgers says:

    Hi Christo…nice swing! Are you familiar with 4 magic moves by Joe Dante?
    I’m wondering if the early wrist break and shoulder turn back and through
    is a similar concept to what you are describing? 

  3. Lenny Deverill-West says:

    I tried this out on the course today and I immediately found I couldn’t
    hook the ball and hit some good shots. I later started to hit some slices
    and until I realised I could swing as hard as I wanted and it wouldn’t hook
    and instead getting a nice straight shot with a little fade at the end.
    Although I was still taking the hookers line off the tee. I’m really
    excited about this move thanks a lot for sharing this!

  4. Maqqa says:

    Best video yet Chris!!

  5. Nya Fraser says:

    a better swing then Ben hogans is Peter lonard 1997 swing

  6. Alex Orzechowski says:

    Thank you, thank you very much. You are the first person, who are not
    talking and talking and talking. Most of the time you are showing. And what
    is more important, you are not wasting time showing haw it should not be.
    Thank you. Your lessons are not boring.😀

  7. Brian Reilly says:

    do you think this move could be mastered by the average player

  8. Jeff Bahry says:

    How did you train yourself to get into the “Shangri-La” position, Christo?
    Little half-swings? That supination of the left wrist concept seems like
    it’d be difficult for most amateurs to achieve readily with full swings.

  9. nahshon cline says:

    thanks much for the breakdown. can’t wait to try it cuz I can’t hit a ball
    strait to save my life

  10. D Slatt says:

    Okay, that is all well and good. However, we all need to remember that
    Hogan developed this move for HIMSELF. Golfers should not attempt this move
    unless for a specific reason.
    Also, please talk about how Hogan applied this move to hit fades. This move
    squares the club face or may even close the club face. So how did Hogan use
    this move in addition to other things during his swing to hit power fades?
    What are those “other things” besides this move? Because you cannot hit a
    power fade by using this move only. A square face does not lead to a fade.

    • Cameron Slane says:

      +D Slatt I think he most likely swung with a little bit (extremely minimal)
      of an inside out swing with a square face. However, I think it’s important
      to think about the technology of the golf balls in Hogan’s era vs. today.
      Back then, it was nearly impossible to hit a golf ball straight. Pretty
      much every shot had to be hit with a draw or fade. So if Hogan did indeed
      hit a true power fade (only a few yards of fade) with the technology back
      then, I think we can safely assume that he would be hitting almost dead
      straight shots with today’s technology.

  11. D Slatt says:

    Have you tried, or should we try, supination from the top of the swing
    (Dustin Johnson) and get the same result as long as we stay under plane? Is
    the key to be under plane? Must you have a weak grip at address? What if
    you use a strong grip and then do the move, will this close the face and
    lead to a bad hook ?

  12. mikhel kmita says:

    Congratulations Chris… you are so deserving of finding this clarity… i
    have watched as you investigated every possibility in Mr. Hogan’s swing…
    i was really impress with how much respect you have for him.. always
    presenting your findings in the manner of a child discovering new things…
    he would tip his hat to you i’m sure… i’m looking forward to getting on
    the range a developing these moves…. and your swing is looking great
    now… thank you so much.. very clear…

  13. Tiger168 says:


  14. Thomas Fraser says:

    Lag not leg

  15. e james says:

    so hogan was, in essence, “blocking” his shots.

    • myswingevolution says:

      That’s an interesting comment. Lee Trevino said he hit a block cut. For
      most amateurs who do not get their body clear, the late hit blocks the ball
      to the right. But, if you rotate completely you can get the feeling of
      blocking it into the fairway.

    • Ferdinand Jarquio says:

      good point!

  16. David Campbell says:

    posting on random video. enjoying your channel! Have you ever heard about
    the”secret” being the lifting of the toes and the turning to feet against
    the ground of both the right and left side? This seems to really wind up
    the body for a powerful finish. I am not able to do this consistently
    because I fail to make it habit… When done, there is a definite contact
    sound difference…interesting enough this would put the weight on the back
    of the feet instead of the front where Mr. Hogan is know for saying the
    weight should be ….thoughts?

    • myswingevolution says:

      Mr. Hogan said the weight should be “through the heels” as he said 3 times
      in Power Golf. He was also known for wearing out the insoles in his golf
      shoes that implies he gripped down with his toes.

    • David Campbell says:

      I have just read “Five Lessons” over this past weekend and brought up two
      copies of Power Golf from my basement for my son and I. I have not finished
      Power Golf yet. The “secret” I was told was that the lifting of the toes
      and turning in of both legs provided a “digging in” to the dirt. When I
      have done this, the contact of club to ball sounds better, however after
      pouring over “Five Lessons” I don’t see any indication of the turning of
      both legs in order to “grip” the ground. He does explain the weight on the
      heels of the feet that “if you wanted you could lift your toes”… Thanks
      for taking the time to respond. One final note, I have put into practice
      the grip, stance and the rest of the “five lessons” as well as I could over
      about 4 rounds of golf this past weekend and my ball striking has GREATLY
      improved! I have also applied the “Hogan overlap” as my putting grip and I
      am making far more putts, or if I miss, I am missing closer. Thanks!

  17. Mrgolfboy24 says:

    I love your videos, man. Your insights based on Hogans swing has definitely
    helped improve my game. You teach in a very good and clear way.

    The key thing for me was to understand the movement and angles of the left
    wrist from takeaway through impact. This has improved everything, distance,
    trajectory and accuracy.

    The other day I shot my first round ever below 80 (79). I was extatic 🙂

    So thank you for your good videos.

  18. Jason Johnson says:

    Hi Christo, I recently began watching your videos on you tube. Just wanted
    to say that I tried this move and I’ve never hit better. Keep up the good

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