Ben Hogan’s SECRETS – Down The Line

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Drew Harris Golf Academy – Hartselle, AL

If you haven't seen my first video….. Ben Hogan's SECRETS – Series Intro….please check it out as well.

Thank you for your interest. More to come…

21 Responses to “Ben Hogan’s SECRETS – Down The Line”

  1. Diego Diaz says:

    SuperDynamo4, you have a website or some sort of area with contact.

  2. Diego Diaz says:

    SuperDynamo4, really wants to get your ideas on Mr H’s swing. Should be
    interesting, as I really like to understand it clearer.

  3. Ben whatny says:

    Looks like hunter mahan

  4. SearchBucket2 says:

    Up to impact it reminds me more of David Duval than Hogan.

  5. Karsten Jackson says:

    Because Mahan has a Hogan swing…

  6. benbirdie561 says:

    Your hands n fingers are most important in the golf swing.

  7. sghsdgdfg says:

    no. i think Thord swing looks more like mahan then hogan. hes not layd off
    like hogan

  8. sghsdgdfg says:

    this not Thord

  9. wakethefrakup says:

    Would love to see these videos that you have planned; I’m subscribed and

  10. Jamie Garnett says:

    What club is that, 6, 5 iron maybe? Hogan would have created the spacing
    necessary to create a shallower angle than his short irons by dropping the
    right foot back and slightly widening the stance. This allowed the club to
    hang more below his shoulders. His club flattened as he loaded to the right
    – because of the right foot position – but was online when he returned to
    the target line.. Thus, on his follow through, shoulders were parallel to
    the ground, weight dramatically on his left side.

  11. Jamie Garnett says:

    It’s amazing that people will pick this apart and point out the “flaws”.
    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound critical. Just want people to understand
    the very minor difference that makes them view your swing as “David
    Duvalish” etc. David Duval’s wrists were bowed etc. This is FAR superior to
    the Duval swing. It’s a Hogan move, but with a square stance. All he would
    have to do is shut his stance slightly and it would be identical. Nothing
    wrong with having your own twist to it… very athletic move

  12. Dalton Madison says:

    love the song nice swing you got yourself a like

  13. Dalton Madison says:

    Hogan if i ever saw it

  14. 1lovegolf24 says:

    A pleasure to watch. Nice routine. Thanks.

  15. 1lovegolf24 says:

    Mr. Harris, Interesting head motion before and through impact.

  16. svsvincenzo says:

    Excellent swing Drew. But Hogan had his R elbow more in pitch or in front
    of his torso/hip/stomach going down.

  17. ty pendley says:

    The more I watch this it looks like Hogan more and more but with a little
    drew in there.

  18. mauroj723 says:

    Your swing is pretty close to Hogan. But why does that matter? Isn’t the
    point of golf to play well and compete for trophies? With a swing like
    that, I don’t see that being a problem for you.

  19. Coolhand850 says:

    Karsten Jackson did you say Hunter Mahan had a swing like Hogan? Maybe in
    certain positions when taking it piece by piece, but so do all
    professionals at the top of their games. They all almost look identical at
    impact. Hunter Mahan is a robot compared to Hogan. He does not even waggle
    the club, and Hogan was the sharpest dresser of all time IMO. The
    classiest. Mahan looks like a clown. Plus, unless the player is around 135
    or 140 lbs and a shade taller than 5’9″ they are wasting their time trying
    to look like Hogan, and have abnormally large hands for a man that size I
    should add. If anybody wants to perfect the golf swing Hogan is the
    definite model. It is the perfect golf swing to this point in HIstory. I am
    thankful we have players like him to so easily watch video of and learn
    from. Just think how Hogan had to learn without many models to look at over
    and over. He studied Jones, Mac Smith, and Henry Picard and thought about
    the swings of everyone he ever saw probably. He ate and slept golf. Like
    Pete Maravich times ten. They both put in more hours of practice than
    anybody in history and they were both the best with the ball in their
    respective sports. Makes sense.

    • Coolhand850 says:

      +Scott Wolny Not to mention Mahan plays with cast clubs by Ping. Hogan
      would throw Ping clubs in the trash, and I do not blame him. Hunter Mahan
      is a bad comparison all around. Johnathon Byrd shows many Hogan traits. It
      is great to study Hogan and learn his secrets. I have done it for over 30
      thousand hours the past thirty years. I cannot believe the people out there
      claiming to have figured out all the secrets of HOgan. I have forgot more
      about HOgan than anybody on the planet, and it is not even close. Until I
      win a championship of some sort it makes no difference. I am hoping to
      convey all of what HOgan was trying to get a cross in 5 fundamentals in a
      way that people who want to play their best would not have to go through so
      much trial and error as I did. It is ashame it took me until 43 years of
      age to finally grasp most of what he was doing, and I still have not
      clearly figured out a few things. I was one of the few thirty years ago who
      was devoted to cracking his secrets exclusively, but everytime I get on the
      internet now it seems there is a new Hogan expert. All of you are at a high
      stage in your understanding of him, but you will make many big drops in
      executing what you thought you knew before you ever truly become machine
      like. Most will give up before that point in time. Drew, the way you seem
      to be hitting the ball, I would forget all about mastering Hogan and go win
      some championships. This is the objective after all, unless you want to
      pass along your method in a way that can make champions out of others. What
      ever your goals are I wish you luck. Another Hogan disciple. Welcome to the
      club. It seems they are a dime a dozen these days. Now it is time for
      somebody to improve upon his method, like he said somebody would in the

  20. Affif Bellakdar says:

    really cool vidéo and the music is cool too..
    luv it !

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