Ben Hogan’s SECRETS – Series Intro

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Drew Harris Golf Academy – Hartselle, AL

My name is Drew Harris and I have spent my life trying to find what Ben Hogan had. I started playing this great game when I was five years old and at age seven my dad gave me Ben Hogan's Five Lessons. Since then I have been mystified by the pursuit of perfection that was the late great Master's life. In the 27 year journey of my game I've tried to strictly adhere to Mr. Hogan's words (except for maybe a sprinkle of Moe) and I feel I have not only mastered many of The Hawk's SECRETS but am now ready to share them with you.

This video is the Intro to a series entitled – Ben Hogan's SECRETS. There will be many videos tackling each secret in depth. Here are just a few:

The Setup Using Ground Forces

Trigger Compression
The Cup (LIFE Magazine Explained)
1 and 2 in the Backswing
The Right Knee
The Left Elbow Lock-N-Spin
The Plane Shift "LAY-ON" (Vertical Drop and Horizontal Tug)
Perfect EYES!!!

There will be others so please stay tuned…..

**NOTE** The camera angle is ahead of me. MY BALL POSITION IS ONE BALL INSIDE MY LEFT HEEL. This is my favorite view of Hogan to compare with.

18 Responses to “Ben Hogan’s SECRETS – Series Intro”

  1. baltav123 says:

    Great swing. More videos

  2. FlyingSolo77 says:

    angle it looks like the ball is one ball inside the RIGHT heel.

  3. Ez TheElf says:

    Okay, Okay, Listen, Hogan had much more wrist hinge and held that wrist
    hinge much longer into his downswing than what I am seeing here. Also,
    watch Hogan’s swing carefully…Hogan’s lower body starts the downswing
    while his arms are still going into the back swing…So you don’t have
    nearly enough lower body leading the swing as a true swinger,like Hogan, had

  4. Ez TheElf says:

    Sorry,,So,in other words, your swing gets to static at the top while
    Hogan’s never seems to pause as his lower body just kicks in as his hands
    are going back. But you have a very nice swing !!!

  5. Drew Harris says:

    I want to thank everybody again for your interest and comments. I still
    plan on answering some of the questions/comments as well as getting to the
    instruction side of things. However, we have had a death in the family and
    coupled with a few other things my video uploading timeliness has not been
    up to par. So I ask for your patience. In the meantime if you haven’t
    subscribed to my channel or seen my 2nd video in the series, please check
    it out: Ben Hogan’s SECRETS – Down The Line

  6. bamaslaten says:

    Hi Drew, both Lacy and really enjoyed the first lesson. Both she and I are
    really excited about the prospect of improving our swing and golf game.
    Thanks Again.

  7. DASH1ful says:

    But Hogan’s leg work varied at different stages in his career. There was
    far greater control in his later years when he put the stamp on what is, or
    should be, the modern game. I think sevam1 has a point when he talks about
    the pressure that he applied with his right foot from the off, but it is
    only half the story.

  8. paulyrulo1 says:

    Correction…..I just watched Hogan full swing with driver in slo mo and
    actually Hogan starts down when the backswing reaches its max….not sooner
    as many believe. Drew does the same thing….so I was wrong in my previous
    post. However, Hogans lag is retained because of the tremendous lower body
    hip action rotating quickly and dragging the arms thru the hitting
    area…..thats what creates the lag. Hogan swings with his lower and upper
    body and effectively takes the arms out of the swing!

  9. Timothy Frost says:

    You know how many people I’ve seen truly emulate Hogan’s legwork………
    zero. Some are close but Hogan legs and hips were a marvel and why its
    impossible to replicate the look of his swing and positions. He was also
    very athletic and flexible which again cannot be taught. The swing I see in
    this video is great provided its repeatable. IMHO If average Joe’s want to
    achieve solid ballstriking they are better off emulating Moe Norman,
    provided they aren’t too worried about aesthetics.

  10. The says:

    Sorry for your loss brother. Great golf swing, though.

  11. Jamie Garnett says:

    THERE YOU ARE!!! hahaha. I knew I couldn’t be the only one out there that
    got it. I will post my video up on here within the week. It just clicked
    for me about 10 days ago and I’m still ironing it out. Looks just like your
    swing.. just like Hogans swing. Only difference I notice with your’s, and
    incidentally the same trouble I’m having, is why his left arm appears
    slightly bent/cupped at address? I think it may be as simple as adjusting
    for technology differences. It is the 1 element I forego.

  12. Jamie Garnett says:

    I notice you straighten the left arm at address. I do the same. Looks to me
    like, with all his clubs, Hogan’s left arm is relaxed to the point of being
    slightly bent at address. Is this something you considered and decided to
    eliminate? Only thing I can think is that, half way back when he “sits”
    back in to his right side, this displaces the club slightly above the ball,
    and extension through impact makes up this small difference? I have never
    felt that NOT doing has had negative impact. You?

  13. DASH1ful says:

    this swing, though similar to hogan’s, is to me possibly even more like
    walter hagen’s; but of course there is a connection between the two

  14. Brad Loeffler says:

    lol you pick the club up, get it past parallel and then have your left
    wrist cupped at impact, not even close

  15. Rob W says:

    is that a hogan swing???

  16. Dalton Madison says:

    brad u couldn’t see talent if it hit u in the face.amazing swing that’s old
    Ben Hogan’s swing alright.

  17. jcrown7 says:

    great looking swing. it’s the post impact that you’re a long way off. hogan
    kept his pivot moving and the arms attached to his chest until almost at
    the end of the follow through. only at that point did the club move up and
    only then did the wrists re hinge. also, the club was parallel to his arms
    until the very end when he let the club drop below his hands at his finish.
    look at brad hughes work on this.

  18. Coolhand850 says:

    very nice

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