Ben Hogan’s Set Up/Set In Position

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Using amazing illustrations of Ben Hogan, Mark describes how Ben Hogan would set up and then set in to the golf ball.

14 Responses to “Ben Hogan’s Set Up/Set In Position”

  1. jazzizjazz says:

    Like what you are saying. Hogan used compare his set up to a western movie.
    “Setting up the good guys so that the bad guys cannot takeover.” You’re
    correct, a backward leaning set up (a backwards K) would never work if your
    a “hitter” like Hogan. In a previous video, you mentioned TGM. It’s an
    important book if for no other reason that it identifies “hitters” and
    “swingers” Most people have a predispisition to do one of the other. Many
    teachers fail to realize this. Good subject for a video.

  2. kent6608 says:

    Two brain cells!! One question!! Is boll postion right in Hogans book??

  3. Mark Evershed says:

    Do you really beleive that an intellegent human being would read what you
    have to say and then want to listen to what you have to say. Instead of
    just knocking an instructor, and I am sure I am not the only one you take a
    run at,build your own site and tells us your theories.

  4. Henny Bogan says:

    Never lost His tour card ran out of money more then a few times. I may be
    wrong but if you had the cash to pay the entry fee you were in. He had the
    ball lined up with His left ear. His spine tilted to the right. He also
    swiveled His head to the right before His backswing, Jack did the same

  5. Mark Evershed says:

    If you dont make enough money you lose your tour card.

  6. Jason Cordes says:

    His ball is lined up with his left ear.

  7. Fredrik Hedenström says:

    Lol, my name is mark evershit ? :O


    The average handicap would have gone down if we didn’t have clubs and balls
    that went so damn far…….into the woods.LOL

  9. Mark Evershed says:

    Chad, respectfully disagree,
    Thanks for your input.

  10. Jes Salvo says:

    Man, I’m sorry to say, you should critique your own video. My mentor in
    tennis, Dennis van Der Meer first told us, a coach or teacher who talks a
    whole lot and repetitively, like you, is only after your money. No wonder
    Tiger Woods got Sean Foley for his coach and not you as you mentioned
    repeatedly in your other videos. At least have an outline before you start
    your tirades.

  11. Mark Evershed says:

    Thanks Jes. Appreciate your opinion.

  12. Mark Evershed says:

    Get back to you later bro, have 3 Doctors in from England for 3 days.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Jonny Z says:

    I can clearly see you love golf . But i must say i just watched this video
    and feel that absolutely nothing was really said, just lots of word with no
    practical application… i may watch your series but it wont be from the
    strength of this video


    +Mark Evershed I think I know what you are getting at here. Personally, I
    think the address position is crucial too. I think many misinterperate what
    they are seeing at impact, as being “behind the ball”. Alot of golfers
    neglect some of the fundamentals such as proper knee flex and foot position
    at address. Case in point which applies to the golf swing and is pure
    physics; It’s much easier to lift something heavy with the proper
    width between and flex of the knees. I think most golfers, even some of
    the good players fail miserably, in the set-up. In the last month or so, I
    have come to realize just how important getting a solid base, on the turf
    is; Jackie Burke and Steve Elkington discussed, on a video(Secret In the
    Dirt), how “electric” Hogan must have felt, at address, like that of a
    sprinter, just before the starting gun. I see people with great rythmic
    swings but their consistency is not good because they fail to use the
    ground for consistency and leverage…

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