Ben Hogan’s Shadows……….or are they?

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Barber, Gustin, Knudson

8 Responses to “Ben Hogan’s Shadows……….or are they?”

  1. Foomba says:

    Nice music. Really brings the past to life.

  2. Milton Greaves says:

    Jon Gustins swing is certainly nothing like Mr Hogans swing. Totally
    different dynamics,however the hat looks very Hoganesque.

  3. Brendan Horton says:

    Thats interesting, Mr. Hogan apparently commented, “I think I just saw my
    shadow,” the first time he saw John Gustin. I can’t think of anyone else in
    the professional game who swung the club more like Hogan. If there is, I’d
    like to see their swing.

  4. David Schultz says:

    gustin had such a fantastic action.

  5. Krazy Uncle says:

    4:00 George Knudson is the most underrated player with one of the best
    swings ever!

  6. kilroy escalante says:

    I’m part of those shadows.

  7. Iain Harris says:

    Hi Whats this music?

  8. kilroy escalante says:

    look s like given to I.

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