Ben Hogan’s transition moves

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

The movements of the right side mirror the movements of the left. This makes it simpler to understand for those that are confused.

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  1. Bryan Richardson says:


  2. Christopher Horvath says:

    So it looks like his lateral bend and elbow move were mostly responsible
    for squaring the club face from the top of his back swing?

  3. Kelvin Miyahira says:

    @MyGolfBlog Similar, in early days of Sergio, he would open the clubface
    more in transition and his arm would drop more behind him.

  4. Kelvin Miyahira says:

    @Strgchris Yes, it’s all there isn’t it?

  5. Jim Perko says:

    It looks like he is making transition moves (right elbow ER, left wrist
    starting to flatten) without the club doing much other than starting to
    square. Correct?

  6. Kelvin Miyahira says:

    @jimper15 Correct.

  7. Perform Better Golf says:

    Good stuff Kelvin! Just like what we worked on today 😉

  8. Kelvin Miyahira says:

    @MikePedersenGolfTips Yes, no flipping anymore!

  9. Greg Wilkins says:

    what’s interesting to me is at 4:06 you see his right elbow stays under his
    shirt tag. I couldn’t get rid of my (excuse me)’goat humpin’ move(for lack
    of a better term) until I stumbled upon trying this r elbow under shirt tag
    feel. Everything is much lower and compact and the r scapula dig is buttery.

  10. horsepoetry says:

    Great video. I really applaud your push to include real kinesiological
    analysis in golf. Still, I am bit confused. I see right arm SUPINATION and
    left forearm PRONATION. The club shaft falls to a shallower angle which
    goes along with these movements. Right pronation with left supination sends
    the clubhead skyward and puts the shaft on a steeper angle. In Hogan’s case
    the clubhead is seen to move back and down in comparison to the end of the
    backswing. What am I missing?

  11. Parker Andrews says:

    Agree with horse poetry.

  12. Parker Andrews says:

    Actually I tried some slo motion ER rt shpulder yet pronate rt forearm with
    wrist extension and it creates an interesting opposing forces feeling.

  13. x sauceda says:

    when they played for the first time, Nicklaus stated that he didn’t expect
    Hogan to draw the ball as often as he did (at will). if i’m not mistaken i
    think his swing delivered the club very straight thru the impact zone,
    inside to inside

  14. mark k says:

    im gonna piss everyone off by saying….. that action is caused exclusively
    by the clockwise rotation of the right foot. that is the trigger of the
    power of the transition.. without that feel you can’t be a good ball
    striker. you’re welcome.

    • mark k says:

      oh man.. you’re too much.. I meant that you look really stiff.. sorry but
      stiffness is NOT gonna help you in the swing. You need to be relaxed and
      focused. you look like you took a handful of speed and then went out to hit
      balls. you are not hogan… your swing looks NOTHING like hogans… maybe
      you should “go ahead” and read hogans book again… and keep dreamin of
      those big checks.. no one gets big checks when they are a 12
      handicap..(that’s what you are right?)

    • mark k says:

      Also bergo.. I have a little time today, my wife is taking the kid to his
      nana’s today…. so I’ll walk over to the range and I’ll do a vid of me
      hitting a few and you might learn something. and maybe if you want I can
      give you fitness tips.. you’re looking a bit doughy..

    • Bergen08 says:

      You kid know nothing,that is clear to see regarding your comments. I doubt
      you could rapidly hit balls as well as me with the same balance and poise.
      You probably cannot repeat as rapidly due to your mind doing overtime just
      trying to hit one shot. This sort of speed and accuracy is something you
      must dream about. I bet you take 12 seconds to even get to the
      backswing.due to too many swing thoughts. You obviously do not understand
      Hogan at all due to you thinking that Hogans fundamentals produce an exact
      copy of his swing,that is your naivety kid. Take a good look at my
      compression forces,but again you won’t know where to look. Anyway thanks
      for giving me a good laugh at you expecting that studying Hogans dynamics
      will give you his swing 🙂 He was the first to fully understand kinetic
      linking and explain it well in his book. He was often ridiculed for having
      a mechanical swing and being too stiff,but he understood all the pressure
      points and how they interconnect. You kid are a hobbyist with zero
      knowledge of Hogan. Again thanks for the laugh,as they say there is one
      like you born every day 🙂 Incidentally Mark O’Meara built his swing using
      Hogans 5 Lessons,he had a pretty good career. I did’nt have quite that good
      a career but it is thanks to Hogans book that I had any career at all.

    • mark k says:

      +Bergen08 ok dude. What ever you say. Whatever makes you feel better about
      yourself. I would make you look foolish.

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