Big Play: Brian Manzella on Ben Hogan

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Heading into Colonial week, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brian Manzella shows you what you can learn from Texas's own Ben Hogan.

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  1. kbkesq says:

    Fascinating stuff! That’s one way to feel impact like never before.
    Manzella is clearly the best instructor on youtube. I hadn’t known he was
    Toms’ pro, very interesting.

  2. MrLuigiFercotti says:

    Most people are gong to lose some ability to hinge (deviation) when they
    arch (palmer flexion) the left wrist. You can hinge and lag more with some
    cup in the left wrist, like Hogan did, but like BM says, you’ll add the
    supination and flexion move much closer to impact. So Hogan got the benefit
    of slow clubface rotation and power from lag and late release. Toms does it
    earlier in the down swing, which is great if you have the wrist flexibility
    to do it and maintain lag.

  3. pekkaspelman says:

    You might also check Teeace1’s chanel, there is also intresting stuff.

  4. David A. says:

    No hard feelings, but this is all wrong. Hogan would have to been a
    physical genius to do this. And some people think he was, but not me. And
    btw, neither was Moe Norman, arguably Hogan’s equal in ball striking
    brilliance. One must have confidence to find the truth… In another of
    your videos you came close to the big secret, but didn’t get it quite
    right. The truth is still out there…good hunting 2 all…

  5. RBA21TX says:

    What is your opinion on Mr. Hogans secret?

  6. tens02 says:

    Hogan doesn’t do any of that nonsense

  7. Rob W says:

    hogan never had to think about closing the face during his downswing all
    that was taken care of from the beginning of his swing , all he had to do
    is uncoil his club face down square to impact

  8. deanw0rmer says:

    Lmao what a bunch of bs

  9. ed chapman says:

    I’ve studied Hogan like a lot of people and I believe he was left arm
    dominant and
    by cupping his left wrist at the top, he knew as long as he kept driving
    his left arm
    through impact, no matter how much he supinated his left wrist he could
    the left side of the golf course. That’s why he said he wished he had 3
    left arms –
    because he knew they would only add to the dominant power of his left arm.

  10. Rob W says:

    this is rubbish

  11. wantonjr1 says:

    This before Brian started working with trackman !


  12. paul gearon says:

    great video,and yes Hogan did reverse rotate his forearms in the
    downswing,very powerful hips with this move he could keep the club on plane
    and getting the shaft plane perfect,he could hit as hard as he wished with
    his right hand because his left hand kept the whole impact sequence
    perfect,with his hip speed,and tremendous strength in his hands and
    forearms and legs,made Hogan the best ball striker ever,so brian is correct
    great advice,but its not easy,simply because the right hand will over ride
    the left and then pivot stall the whole sequence.

  13. joshuaknowles says:

    Hi, Brian. When I watched this the first time, I thought you were going to
    say we should start the swing from the 45-closed clubface position – and
    thought: that’s crazy. Then I watched it a second time and thought. Wow –
    if you start from maybe not 45 closed, but 25-closed, I finally get the
    address position that looks like Hogan from face-on shots, with the back of
    the left hand looking very weak (the back-of-left-hand looking vertical and
    not much of the hand visible) even though his hands are back somewhere
    central-body. I never understood this geometrically because if I try to get
    the same position at address, I have to use a WAYY weak left hand if I keep
    the clubface square. BUT if I start from this 25-closed position I look
    like Hogan at the start, and my swing feels much more like Hogan’s looks,
    and I supinate back correctly (and quite late like he did, without really
    trying). All good, but then I watched the video again and then thought you
    are not really advocating this starting position except to get a “feel”. My
    question is: should people actually swing from the closed clubface address
    position – and did Hogan perhaps do that – do you think? I think he might
    have. On page 39 of my edition of 5-lessons, the wood face looks square to
    the hips, which Hogan pointed left, not square to his shoulders.

  14. Lu lz says:

    Lesson for hackers only – pure band aid !

  15. ubb4me says:

    At 0:22 when did Hogan play left handed? That guy could do everything!

  16. Alan Martins says:

    It cracks me up, with this secret crap! what secret? it’s all on video

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