Bradley Hughes Golf- Ben Hogan Treasure Map

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Throughout history we always look at the best of the best in any field and try to pinpoint what makes them extra special at their profession. Today we will look at the secrets Ben Hogan left behind for us to analyze and utilize in our own golf swing. The sum of all parts make up his exceptional ability. One slight feel may have set him on the path to being a a better player but no ONE secret will allow us to be extraordinary at anything. I don't believe he really hid anything from us but he probably liked the mystery of it all to have so many people guessing
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21 Responses to “Bradley Hughes Golf- Ben Hogan Treasure Map”

  1. jackccassidy says:

    he squared the club to neutral but did not keep rotating the hands. he then
    kept the neutral through rest of swing. hope that helps

  2. Mox_au says:

    I’m not sure why people bring up hogans cupped left wrist as a secret?
    didn’t he say on more than one occasion that he only don’t that to
    alleviate his tendency to hook……no secret there

  3. Edward Palermo says:

    excellent analysis…

  4. GolfAus says:

    @JohnHue No distance loss. He kept more force in his swing by utilizing the
    power the ground and pivot work can provide when done effectively

  5. GolfAus says:

    @dzoan His club was very neutral to his body orientation right throughout.
    If he could stop his swing in any spot and turn and face the club it would
    be the same position/look that he viewed at address

  6. gioman37 says:

    Great video. Look at the trajectory on the fairway wood shot at 1:48!

  7. baltav123 says:

    This guy, how do you come up with Moe Norman being the greatest ball
    striker of all time. maybe greatest ball striker from canada. But i think
    to be called the greatest ball striker of all time you better have at least
    one major under your belt not just,55 career Canadian Tour and other
    Canadian event victories. To be the best you have to play against the best

  8. wesbilly says:

    my hands start the downswing… the way I start the hands down is by firing
    the hips… so I have decided the beauty of YouTube golf videos is to allow
    otherwise decent people to be completely rude to each other while viewing
    videos of an honorable sport.

  9. Joshua Legoman says:

    i been reviewing Ben Hogans swing and 100% of pros nowadays have the same
    post impact position there right arm is past the ball and is parallel to
    the ground the club is pointing up(supination),me and Hogan have a
    similarity where our “practice swings” have that, the lack of ball contact
    lets the hands release easy in a practice swing,i dont think ben hogan
    supinated on purpose he let it happen and his real shot shows it.his wrist
    turn over closer to when the hand get near his chest.

  10. mike bobby says:


  11. brownnsbass says:

    ironically, the heavier the “axe” and heavier your right arm, the harder it
    is to hold back centrifugal force, which proves your release is incorrect.

  12. Ping Pong says:

    BH is truly a self taught master of the swing. You are right in saying that
    he left us a treasure trove of how-to to achieve a beautiful and efficient
    swing. He was generous enough to share his discovery with later

  13. Jeffrey Rade says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing! 

  14. Todd Schultz says:

    Vicious, brutal pivot…that’s the best description I’ve ever heard on
    Hogan’s move. If you can do this, most of the other secrets take care of

  15. Jefferson Smith says:

    Another one that likes 1:48. Commanding golf shot.

  16. Paul Faverio says:

    What equipment did Hogan play with? When he first started and to the
    present, was his grips and lies and lofts altered at all? Type of golf
    ball? I notice his 5th spike on his right shoe but curious if he tinkered
    with his golf equipment? Great video thanks for sharing. Paul

  17. kilroy escalante says:

    Hogen knew his stuff

  18. Tim Flaherty says:

    Hogan had many secrets working in a complimentary fashion. BRADLEY does a
    great job documenting what Hogan did.

  19. kilroy escalante says:

    Mike Austin had it to ,and is the God father of the Golf Swing

  20. Bladnaster Naster says:

    Something that I cant wrap my mind around is this. As he is pivoting around
    that right leg I just cant understand how he is actually keeping his weight
    on that right foot. I’ve seen this position in so many of the good golfers
    and it makes no sense when I look at it because it really, really looks
    like he, (and they) are using the right leg as the pivot and getting all of
    the weight over on the left. I wonder if you could take the time to really
    explain that a bit if its something you think is worthwhile.

    • GolfAus says:

      +Bladnaster Naster watch some of my other videos especially ones titled
      weight shift and pressures or the Happy Gilmore one just for
      starters….explains it all

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