Carl Lohren Golf “Hogan’s Influence”

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan's influence on "One Move to Better Golf"

2 Responses to “Carl Lohren Golf “Hogan’s Influence””

  1. Tom Settles says:

    “Three right hands.” The latest Hogan influence on my swing rebuild at 51.
    I just started pushing as hard as possible with the right hand thru
    impact. Played last weekend and averaged 285 – 290 yards per drive on a
    soft course. Drove the ball incredibly straight. Felt like I could pivot at
    a more even pace and let my hands get the extra distance. Still working on
    implementing with my irons as i was hitting some fat iron shots.

  2. Tom Settles says:

    But I really wish I could swing like Slammin’ Sam Snead.

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