Does this golf swing concept explain Ben Hogan’s secret

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

The swing methods of elite golfers may not be as they seem to be

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  1. Manny Chooch says:

    this is about almost as close as you can get. go to ben hogan stan leonard
    drill. where in lies your answer. you have to know where to look. hogan
    got it from stan. laugh if you wish, it has improved my game immensely. 

  2. Al Gordon says:

    Great presentation. Had been watching some pre 1953 Hogan video

  3. sandman4224 says:

    I’ve studied this concept for months and now I finally get it. After
    initiating the rolled back swing, it is a controlled fall forward. It feels
    like your head would pass the ball but it does not. Now I understand why
    Hogan wished that he had three right hands because I can come down as hard
    as I would like into the back of the ball. Effortless power and control.
    Thank you.

  4. Andrew Sullivan says:

    This video has helped me a lot especially with the way the hips should be
    moving, I just struggle with the driver as I feel when I get to the left
    side I run out of room and hit it out of the heel :/

    • robert cox says:

      Providing that posture was properly set at address then the most likely
      cause for the club head to move offline through impact is faulty
      programming of the sweep-thru-impact with the hands visualised as moving
      the club straight down the line towards the target (steering) instead of
      sweeping around into the follow-thru with continuing body rotation.

      A sure indication of the fault is premature straightening of the upper body
      with frontward push from the hips going into impact.

      The irons (particularly the short ones) are not as badly affected by this
      fault as is the driver. That is because the ball is teed up further forward
      in the stance with the driver so that the urge to make the club drive
      straight down the line is more compelling.

      It is essential to maintain the proper setting of the forearms/wrists in
      the sweep-thru with no sideways hinging of the wrists towards the ball or
      roll over by the right hand nor any other manipulation.

      The apparatus mentioned in my last post provides guidance and visual
      feedback indication in verification of the proper sweep-thru action.

      Recapping on the proper posture at address as described in the video:-
      The upper body is forwardly inclined with the head, shoulders and arms in
      front and the hips and buttocks behind the vertical axis of rotation. The
      arms drop down naturally without any feeling of reaching or pulling back in
      with the hands to set the club head behind the ball.


      +robert cox Sir, you are making a simple concept, far too complicated. I
      can teach the basics in 5 minutes or less to a student with even a fair
      amount of intelligence and physical ability.


    search Bradley Huges on youtube, he breaks this concept down, so anyone can
    understand it and use it effectively.

  6. Ivan Sanders says:

    This is very nicely presented but is only part of why ‘how Hogan hit so
    far, some of his other ‘secrets’ were (i) Full two way weight transfer,
    (ii) Excellent coiling with delayed uncoiling and essentially targeting
    right of true target, (iii) Keeping right upper arm tight against the
    torso, (iv) Lowering his centre of gravity as he attacked the ball which
    increases several power sources, (v) Kinetic compression as his fast
    moving right side hit a stone wall left side, (vii) Full follow through
    hitting through the ball. In other words executing all power sources right.
    I have yet to see an international longdrive competitor (my sport) put ALL
    of this together. If there is a ‘secret’ it is doing everything right. As
    for rotating the left forearm assuming this does increase power (rather
    than simply being an idiosyncrasy) this will cause most golfers a great
    deal of inconsistency unless they are seriously dedicated with practice. I
    will try it but at this point reserve judgement. Nevertheless, a great

    • robert cox says:

      Re Ivan’s comments. (i) By my observation (as shown in the video) Hogan’s
      backswing did not involve a weight shift to the right but rather a coiling
      rotation around his centre of gravity as maintained from the set up. That
      action allows uncoiling rotation in conjunction with weight transfer to the
      left at the start of the downswing without need for an initial lower body
      “bump” to the left.
      (ii)-(iii) Hogan said in an interview “My left arm swung right across my
      chest on the backswing and was the strongest part of my downswing.—- It’s
      almost impossible to get your body out of position and come back to the
      ball badly.”
      In that action the upper right arm keeps tight against the torso thus
      inducing a full shoulder turn with a tighter coiling effect. It also
      creates a feeling of delayed uncoiling down to hip level and the start of
      the sweep around thru impact.
      (iv) I do not believe that Hogan’s lowered head through impact was
      necessarily due to lowering of his centre of gravity (which would be
      indicated by increased knee flexing).but rather because of: (a) Increased
      curving (humping) of the cervical and thoracic sections of the upper spine
      due to dynamic effects of the shoulder girdle action associated with
      keeping the hands close into the front of the lower body in the swing
      thru:.(b) Slight push back with the hips along with increased forward
      inclination of the upper body.. Those effects can be seen with other past
      masters e.g. Jack Nicklaus and Byron Nelson.
      When the hands pass thru close into the lower body the arms work more
      closely with the body rotation to provide maximum power and club head speed.
      (v) I do not understand the reference to kinetic compression and stone wall
      left side. Perhaps it is a way of describing the situation wherein, with
      proper lower body action, a forward alignment of the left leg is firmly
      maintained while the pelvis and consequently the right side rotate around
      the left hip joint. The left hip itself must of course move back to clear
      and towards the target with weight shift while keeping the forward
      (vii) I prefer a perception of sweeping rather than hitting through the
      Left forearm (and wrist) rotation must be against a neutral right forearm
      (absolutely no forearm rotation but with backward hinging of the right
      Quoting Hogan again:—— “The idea is to rotate the club with the left
      arm. Poor players try to do it with the right arm. You have to do it with
      the left arm”.—“Training myself I would roll the face open as far as I
      With that left forearm (and wrist) action in the backswing and downswing
      along with the neutral right forearm and 90 degrees of right wrist backward
      hinging then wrist cocking action occurs on the inclined swing plane.
      Also; the club head “lags” in the downswing as the left forearm (and wrist)
      rotation prevents premature unhinging of the right wrist.
      At hip level, in the transition from downswing to sweep-thru-impact, the
      left forearm rotation quickly reverses back to its address setting (Hogan’s
      supination) while maintaining the neutral (non-rotating) right forearm even
      as that arm straightens.
      That action brings the hands into and through impact with forearm and wrist
      settings as they were at address with a positive sensing of a properly
      squared club face. Those settings are then maintained as the hands continue
      to sweep the club around into the follow thru without any roll over effect
      as the right arm extends fully.
      I wish you well in your long driving endeavours and would be very
      interested in receiving further commentary as you progress.

  7. golfinguna says:

    Hi Robert. ok so maybe idiot was a bit strong. I apologise, But I still
    stand by my earlier statements. Yes the basic golf swing is quite simple.
    Give a 3yr old a plastic club and some balls show him how to hit them and
    the 3yr old soon be swinging like a pro. Its not rocket science and I
    cannot see why anyone would want to make it so.

    • robert cox says:

      In further response to golfinguna: Tapping a ball away with an easy swing
      of a plastic or normal club whether by a 3 year old or an adult is a vastly
      different exercise compared to the execution of a fully powered controlled
      strike from the deck of a teeing mound or fairway. That fact is exemplified
      in the so often uttered question: “Why can’t I make my in-play swings the
      same as those nice smooth and easy practice ones.”
      The reason lies in the effects of dynamics which although extremely
      relevant is a subject rarely recognised or considered in swing technique.
      Without the purpose of launching a golf ball into high speed flight in a
      practice swing there is no inducement to apply maximum power and club head
      speed. Therefore the action is low speed and easily co-ordinated with
      minimal muscular power input apart from that required to lift the arms and
      club to the top of the backswing. From there they simply drop down and
      around due to gravity without generating significant centrifugal forces.
      A fully powered ball striking swing will fail unless the biomechanics are
      sound in concept and, whether inherent or learnt, are capable of
      maintaining overall co-ordination while applying quite intense muscular
      power and in containment of the centrifugal forces thus generated.
      Because centrifugal force relates to club head speed squared then for a
      fully powered speed at 4 times that of a practice swing those forces will
      be 16 times greater.
      The motion then becomes far from simple.

  8. Rudy Cramer says:

    Well done. I have subscribed to see how you go with it. That first
    downswing move while the club is still going back is interesting.

  9. golfinguna says:

    Robert. Is it possible for you to actually state something in plain old
    English Or is it because you want viewers to maybe think you are more
    intelligent or intellectual ? I actually stated BASIC SWING. Your response
    has just proved my point. BUT in order to give my point greater credit….
    Look at the videos on you tube….2yr old, 3yr old etc hitting golf balls
    like pro`s. they know nothing about centrifugal forces,body dynamics etc
    etc etc. as I stated previously why complicate the golf swing? Unless you
    have an ulterior motive?

    • robert cox says:

      golfinguna refers to toddlers on you tube in scaled down mimicking of a
      golf swing. Those little bodies are incapable of real power input so that
      their “simple motion” mini swings with short lightweight plastic clubs do
      not generate significant forces.
      In a full scale attack on a golf ball the most potentially destructive
      effect on a SIMPLE BASIC SWING MOTION is due to centrifugal force at around
      halfway in the downswing when the direction of the club head (away from
      target) must be reversed to towards target while maintaining the club head
      This exerts a strong pull on the cocked wrists and the body itself away
      from the target. The faster the swing the stronger the pull which must be
      resisted through particular lower body, shoulder and wrist action so as to
      maintain optimum body position and rotation in the sweep through impact.
      Is it ulterior motive to be driven by a genuine desire to contribute to
      knowledge and understanding without necessarily expecting reward?

  10. golfinguna says:

    Sorry you`ve totally lost me. I think your 1 brick short of a full load

  11. golfinguna says:

    Robert. A schoolyard bully is someone who physically or mentality attacks
    another person in such a way as to cause that person physical or mental
    damage. I can see nothing in my posts which would cause you to state that I
    am a schoolyard bully and to be perfectly honest I detest bullying in any
    shape or form. it`s not unusual for someone to attempt to defend
    themselves by means of diverting their attack towards another person’s
    credibility, which is, in this particular instance pretty pathetic (or can
    I use the word stupid)when you know absolutely nothing about me or my
    childhood and the fact that we are discussing golf. It simply shows that
    the reverse is truth and that you have confirmed, my, earlier observations.
    Touché…Revoir et bonne chance.

    • robert cox says:

      So golfinguna has
      departed in self perceived triumph with a jaunty “Goodbye and Goodluck”. For
      the record I did not suggest that he had been a bully in his childhood. I
      that analogy in respect to his unfounded attacks on my intelligence and
      personal integrity aimed at damaging my credibility in the public eye.
      There could
      be no meaningful discussion on golf technique because of his apparent
      understanding of the subject.

      The intent to smear is
      evident in every one of his posts:-

      Post (1). “baloney
      and B S”— “put together by idiots”— “hopes to make a quick buck”—
      golf aid”.

      (2) “maybe idiot was a bit strong”

      (3) “you want
      viewers to maybe think you are more intelligent or intellectual”— “you
      an ulterior motive”

      Post (4) “I can see
      that your intention is to act stupid. Or, it may just be, that you are
      just stupid”— “your intentions are to confuse the beginner so much that
      he or
      she believes the golf swing is something quite unattainable unless he/she
      out someone like you”— “Regards the ulterior motive. There is always one
      And, it always includes ripping
      someone off”.

      (5) “I think your 1 brick short of a full load mate”

      (6) “can
      I use the word stupid”

      Golfinguna’s supposed “clincher”
      was in reference to my bully analogy:-

      “It’s not unusual for
      someone to attempt to defend themselves by means of diverting their attack
      towards another person’s credibility”

      That hypocritical statement
      qualifies as an own goal rather than a self-awarded

  12. Sir Shanks a Lot says:

    Interesting ideas but you lost me when you claim his arms dropped straight
    down during the downswing. I’m not bashing your presentation but just
    wanted to point out that his arms and hand path actually moved towards the
    ball slightly and not straight down (as he started his DS). Dropping his
    arms straight down would have steepened the shaft and resulted in being
    As he aged you will see another micro move with his longer clubs – his
    arms/hands actually raised a touch in transition before moving towards the
    Just a friendly heads up before someone tries to discredit your work. Best
    of luck

    • robert cox says:

      +Sir Shanks a Lot

      Thanks for your comment. The arms, and therefore the hands, move
      within a vertical plane which is related directly to the body such that it
      in a parallel alignment to the target line at address and angles away to
      degs. as it moves with the body’s rotation around the vertical axis in the
      backswing. In the downswing the arms and hands drop straight down within
      that plane as it is brought back into parallel alignment to the target line
      with the
      body’s rotation into impact. That effect is 3 dimensional. The movement
      towards the ball as seen in the 2 dimensional “down-the-line view” is
      irrelevant. The straight down action means that there is no forward pushing
      of the arms and hands away from the body. Hogan refers to this process at
      page 82 of his book “The Modern Fundamentals of golf” with the statement
      that:- “The body swings the arms like the pendulum of a clock”- which of
      course is straight up and down. I would be pleased to receive your response
      to this explanation.

  13. Pat Giles says:

    when is the device coming on the market?

  14. kilroy escalante says:

    Best video yet,MSE,needs to learn from this video.

  15. Paul Edmondson says:

    Hogan said, feel the elbows are connected to the front of the hips.
    Everybody reads far too much into his method. He stayed connected through
    the ball. His other trick was to hit 4 million balls in practice.

  16. Paul Edmondson says:

    2 other players with individual swings who made their swings work, Mo
    Norman and Trevino, and guess what, two more who hit 4 million in practice.

  17. Mark de Cruz says:

    Brilliantly explained. Thank you!

  18. Bergen08 says:

    At 0.43 seconds you lost all credibility. I stopped and switched off as you
    are trying to use Hogan to sell a product to make money. Therefore I give
    whatever concepts you have made up no credibility,I will not even entertain
    them. Good Day !

  19. Alan Smith says:

    Dont worry. There are plenty of golf theory haters. If someone discovers
    something, plenty will beat it down. The down beaters never post their
    swings, so just like deciding not to take a polygraph test, they are
    probably guilty of not being very good themselves.

  20. RTFord says:

    I know Ben Hogan’s secret but I won’t tell you unless you pay me for it. So

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