Golf artwork 1: painting and sculptures of Ben Hogan by Michael Field.

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A video on my Ben Hogan artwork: it includes a short biography of Ben Hogan, reference material available in the 1990's on Ben Hogan, and video and photography of my Ben Hogan artwork (painting of the 1953 Open at Carnoustie), other studies and some Ben Hogan sculptures.

6 Responses to “Golf artwork 1: painting and sculptures of Ben Hogan by Michael Field.”

  1. GrayGhosting says:

    Really captures his steely gaze at 16:00. Nice artwork.

  2. historicus146 says:

    I am interested in your Carnoustie Swing. artwork. Do you sell lithographs
    of that?

    • Michael John Field says:

      I don’t have any prints available, but there may still be some of the
      limited edition print run from the first version of the painting via the
      Thomas & Peters company. Try contacting them via

    • historicus146 says:

      +Michael John Field
      thank you for the reply. Do you have plans to doing another print run? I
      think I contacted that site a while ago and they were out. I will try again
      though. Hope you print some more.

    • Michael John Field says:

      thanks – no, if they’ve finished the run they won’t get any more in as it
      was a limited edition run. I can’t finance a print run at the moment
      (unfortunately) – if that ever changes I’ll email you.

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