Golf swing tips

Golf swing tips are now almost everywhere. On the TV, surfing the internet, or in your favourite magazine you can find a free golf tip from someone. Not to mention your pals who are ready to offer you a free golf swing tip whenever you are looking for one. On-line golf tips are quickly becoming the information source of choice for golfers, the information age has made it easier then ever to get the answer.

golf swing tips

So the question we need to ask ourselves is, does a free golf swing tip give us the help we need or send us on a wild goose chase? If you spend some time researching you’ll find that some free golf swing tips are better left alone. Because not all free tips are created equal .Some professionals and instructors suggest it’s best for golfers to just ignore any free swing tips.

You should evaluate what the free golf swing tip is asking you to do. For instance a tip telling you to swing at the ball with all your strength is seriously incorrect.

Some golfers are seen doing just that.However, attacking the ball with such strength it’s almost impossible you won’t injure yourself at the same time. Another improper tip is to twist over the wrists in an effort to increase the club head speed right before contact is made with the ball. Like the last free golf swing tip mentioned twisting of the wrists is likely to cause injury as well.

The right free golf swing tip will help develop the correct exercises and techniques that condition your body to do the work .



Particular free golf swing tips will help build more strength and power in your swing, helping you play a better game over time. Any free golf swing tip that emphasizes this point is bound to be genuine and may have a positive effect on your golf swing.

One thing that free golf swing tips do, is help the golfer thing more about your swing mechanics rather then just focusing on driving the ball hundreds of yards into the fairway, or dropping it in the cup on the green.

Of course it’s difficult to know if the person supplying you with the free golf swing tips is a genuine instructor or pro. Of course there is no better way to determine this then to use your own judgement before you begin to learn a new technique or practice a new drill. Everyone has an opinion on how a proper golf swing should be done, as well as what technique or drill you should be practicing to increase your drive.


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