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  1. GolfAus says:

    that’s a great view of things slowed down GB. thanks

  2. golfbulldog says:

    Thanks Bradley – can’t go wrong with that swing 🙂

  3. golfbulldog says:

    I am going to leave your comment as a quote and delete your post – I have
    removed your rude language in case young people see it. Your comment will
    serve as reminder that both the real and virtual world are inhabited by
    those who give and those who take ….I do not intend to stop your posse of
    8 (who for some reason need 10-20 user names) commentating… but I do
    intend to stop you hijacking the comments section to put forward your
    unwelcome arguments. Go to a golf forum and argue – thanks.

  4. golfbulldog says:

    As written by “Henniebogan92″ -” If you are gonna enter the world with your
    clips then you have to face knowledge from people far more educated than
    you are. You are a typical fantasist kid…..? fulla ++++++ and
    ignorance.Enjoy living in YOUR little world full of fantasy,out here in the
    BIG world we observe and keep it REAL.You cannot stop us from
    commentating,there are 8 of us and we all have between 10 20 user names.And
    now you have given us a bone ! and we are educated in the golf swing.”

  5. golfbulldog says:

    HB92 “In case ‘ young people ‘ see it ? WTF kid ? Young people invented
    swearing. However the word bullshit is not an offensive word. Only the
    extreme far right christians and muslims on the planet are offended by such
    legitimate words…but then again the religious are offeneded about
    everything.Bloody middle eastern Abrahamic belief systems seem to be
    controlling the world these days.Look at us here in the USA? totally
    controlled by the middle eastern belief system christianity?”

  6. golfbulldog says:

    Hennie – with that last post of yours I quoted (just in case you sober up
    and feel some remorse for your vitriolic xenophobic comments) – you really
    show your true colours..I can understand why you don’t argue on a golf
    forum…they would boot you out!! You are the weakest link…Goodbye!!! 😉

  7. grampy thirteen says:

    I believe that this was filmed at the Hershey Country Club West Course. As
    you look at the picture, behind those trees was the 17th green (now the
    11th green) and to the left was the tee for the current par 5, 7th hole I
    believe that it was #3 back then. Hogan was the Pro, then not sure of the
    years, probably in the early 50s

  8. grampy thirteen says:

    I don’t know why this post is on a golf site, but I must reply to you, not
    in hate, but in an attempt to enlighten. Christian are not killing people.
    Almost all of the schools and hospitals built in impoverished nations, the
    relief given to those in need are done voluntarily with love by Christians
    who sacrifice their lives for the needy of the world. Christians love all
    of God’s people and are called to help them. Chrisitianity is a religion of
    unconditional love and forgiveness, for even you.

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