Hogan iron hypnosis

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Hogan iron swings on repeat. If music turns you off, please turn it off!

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  1. stephen f says:

    @acershund Yeah, you’ve seen differently, haven’t you? Some heckling;
    mostly warm welcomes. Fawning by the announcers at the Masters, who were
    just soooo concerned with whether the crowd would “react well” to him. I
    mean, why should anybody care that he humiliated his wife and children?
    That the Tour now wants us not to look at his “personal” life, when they
    couldn’t make _enough_ money off his “personal life” when his image was
    good? … (ct’d)

  2. stephen f says:

    @acershund ….I mean, people were just fine with Kobe Bryant–either a
    rapist who got away with it, or an adulterer who bought off his
    wife–because of “that smile” and because he hits great shots to win games.
    They want their sports entertainment. All the morality-and-ethics stuff
    doesn’t matter (unless it was _their_ wives or girlfriends getting the @#$
    banged out of them).

  3. stephen f says:

    @acershund ….The people who came to golf because of Tiger will cheer him
    no matter what. It’s always somebody else’s fault–the “haters,” the
    “Puritans,” whatever. I mean, we’ve gone from a guy who slung himself
    across his wife to save her life on a Texas highway, to a self-indulgent
    child who thinks the world revolves around him and who didn’t mind one bit
    humiliating his wife and children over and over–and never minded cursing
    in front of millions of kids anyway, miked and on-camera.

  4. stephen f says:

    @TheBBusher Can you spell “the”? Just curious. Hard to argue against the
    notion that Tiger has the most solid short game out there today. But on
    what basis do you say nobody has done what he’s done under pressure? Under
    _what_ pressure? From whom? Does he have Snead and Nelson, two of the
    all-time greats, trying to beat him? Trevino? Watson? Palmer? Is this true
    just because you say it? And btw, no less an authority than Sam Snead said
    Hogan was a _great_ putter in his prime.

  5. acershund says:


  6. tenillechristine says:

    @wang1433 you can ask stupid questions all day long, yes. doesn’t hurt my
    feelings in the least.

  7. tenillechristine says:

    @gichmaster wrong. he details the reasons for a slightly closed stance in
    his book Modern Fundamentals. has nothing to do with a draw swing. Tiger
    sometimes hits cuts from a closed stance. It’s for differents reasons that
    you’ve listed. WRONG.

  8. orgorg7 says:

    Thank you for posting this. Ben Hogan’s swing is used by Master pro’s today
    for instruction.

  9. buhbuhray13 says:

    I purchased a used set of clubs that had hogan 1and 3 woods, I valued them
    and had them redone and boy do they look pretty and I hate to use em now.
    ben hogan all time greatest golfer

  10. no1ymfan says:

    @Yumo999 the artist is mi die xiang

  11. no1ymfan says:

    @Yumo999 the artist is jay chou

  12. Mario Beky says:

    Workout with arms and lower body by his instruction gave me 50 meters to my
    drive!!! Unbelievable man! Mr. Hogan, thank you.

  13. 1cleandude says:

    Where’s the conica minolta biz hub when you need it?????

  14. stephen f says:

    Hey, the repetition really helps, instructionally–thanks for posting.

  15. lehabitant41 says:

    Yes that would be great ………………… can somebody tell me what
    group this is? The music? Suddenly I am in the mood for a martini.

  16. Youngsun Kim says:


  17. Cole Rousey says:

    That’s my Father as a young man at 1:00 min mark watching Hogan at
    Augusta!! Awesome!!

  18. Paul Barlow says:

    in terms of who was the better ball striker-it would be interesting to know
    what Ben’s % greens in the three majors he won in the same year as compared
    to Tiger when he won three-just listened to BBC live and Jay USA
    commentator was saying if Speith won his three would be marginally better
    than Tiger’s year cos of the close finish in the open-does he remember how
    far ahead of the pack Tiger was?

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