Hogan Pivot Drill #2

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Another golf drill based on Ben Hogan's pivot to help with early extension and creating hip rotation speed.

3 Responses to “Hogan Pivot Drill #2”

  1. Jackson Slagle says:

    Great drills! Have you got a drill for a Hogan backswing pivot?

  2. Ben Hogan Golf Lessons says:

    Sound advice on how to practice and develop a new movement into a
    unconscious movement. The real challenge is staying disciplined on the
    process and putting in the reps well after you think you have mastered it.
    Too often I see students give 5-10 minutes of practice and move on to
    something’s else. Either it’s too difficult, they don’t see immediate
    results, or worse….. they think they’ve they’ve built it into their swing
    when they haven’t even triggered the brain to start learning.
    Golfers instinctively get drawn to BS online that’s selling a new secret
    trick, club, or swing method that promises instant results “guaranteed”. My
    favorites in this case are the ones trying to use Mr. Hogan’s swing as
    their model to sell of their method (remember the “1 plane”?)


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