Hogan played by feel using hand eye coordination… NOT secrets and swing mechanics

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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  1. Barry Oakland says:

    Interesting fact about Hogan that I never new, I agree with you if it had
    been the misnomer ‘muscle memory’ then sure he wouldn’t have had a problem
    with his depth perception, he could have just closed his eyes and hit from

  2. puls66 says:

    well, actually i don’t have to discuss these things with you.
    i always see it on the the golf course day after day that you are right.
    once i played with an olympic gold medalist winner in field hockey. his
    whole family was actually olympic winners in field hockey, but that’s a
    different story.
    he played of a 6 hcp at that time, and after i’ve seen him hit the balls
    for a few holes, i asked how long he played. almost a year he said. wow i
    thought, that’s amazing. his swing wasn’t that “pretty” but so powerful and
    efficient i never saw this before (nor after that as well). and then we
    talked just enough, that i recognized him as this olympic winner.
    so, what’s that story about!? people who are gifted, talented or trained
    for a long time in tennis, hockey, icehockey etc doing well hitting
    golfballs, even the swing is not that golfesque. they are just good with
    there hand-eye coordination. don’t you think ;)!?

  3. wantonjr1 says:

    Sam Snead was once asked, what is Hogans secret? His answer was, there’s no
    secret, he is just searching like the rest of us !

    • Ralph Leggett says:

      +wantonjr1 I don’t know if Sam ever said such a thing, if he did it was
      probably right after losing to Hogan. Fact is, we all say things at times
      we wish we hadn’t. I’ll try not to make a poor potshot and simply say this.
      Sam Snead routinely referred to Hogan as “The Boss!” I think that pretty
      much sums up Sam’s respect for Hogan. Coming from Sam, high praise
      indeed… the Secret of secrets where one’s best swing is concerned is to
      find a feel that consistently provides a smooth transition from backswing
      to forward swing. I feel the transition primarily through my left thumb.
      Mechanics do not create a swing. The swing creates mechanics. The swing is
      first and foremost a feel. The mechanics of the swing are not the boss,
      feel is.

  4. John T says:

    I agree with what your approach and thought process. At the same time you
    are using the term “muscle memory” too literally. Of course muscles can’t
    store memories. All procedural memories and motor skills are dependent on
    the brain and sensory organs.

    Hogan’s muscle memory still came into play because his brain could still
    tell his muscles what to do to swing the club fast and fluid. But with his
    eye not working properly his “muscle memory” wasn’t quite valid any longer.
    The memory was learned with two good eyes giving his brain necessary
    information. So he had to re-calibrate.

    Keep in mind, there are blind golfers. They have to be lined up to the
    ball, etc. But they are still able to hit the ball without using their eyes
    at all. They learned the motor skill without using their eyes so their
    brain doesn’t rely on their eyes to provide feedback when performing the

    I get it that you likely know this and are just trying to make a point, but
    others may not.

  5. Garth Downton says:

    Why was Moe Norman so successful in your opinion? He had a very
    “structured” set up that produced amazing golf shots. 

    • Diamnzpuck says:

      +Garth Downton because Moe Knew he had the “feeling of greatness” every
      morning. He also knew that 87% of the game is knowledge the rest is insight.

  6. David A. says:

    Hogan and Moe Norman both played by feel but that is not the same as hand
    eye coordination. Both had superb biomechanics whether you like it or not.
    They only used hand manipulation for intentional shot deviation. Both
    Hogan and Moe Norman developed their biomechanics by feel, but so do many
    today who pursue biomechanical perfection. Hogan did use film and he did
    often look at his swing in mirrors, in case you didn’t know.

    • Beta Vulgaris (A View From Europe) says:

      +David A. Define ‘superb’ biomechanics though? To you, it probably means
      the way some scientist says is the ‘most efficient’ way or something. But
      who cares about that? If you run up, swing a shovel over your head, do a
      360 spin and hit the ball 300 yards every time, and the next person has an
      M2, ‘perfect’ biomechanics and only drives it 260, whos swing is ‘better’?
      The proof of the pudding is in the results, the rest is arbitrary and
      meaningless. That’s why you see so many different swings on tour. There’s
      no such thing as biomechanically sound when the objective is to hit a ball
      into a hole. The swing is meaningless, the result is all that matters.

      Now if you’re talking ball to club face contact, once again biomechanics is
      meaningless. If you can control that club face to hit the ball at impact
      how and where you want to hit it, with good dispersion and distance
      control, then that shot, and the swing that got it there, is perfect.

    • David A. says:

      If you want to insist the swing is meaningless, good luck with your game.
      But I will agree the proof is in the pudding that’s why Hogan and Moe
      Norman were legends and forever will be.

    • Beta Vulgaris (A View From Europe) says:

      +David A. See, you can’t prove anything.

      How the face arrives at the ball is irrelevant as long as you can make it
      arrive at the ball as you want, to deliver the shot that you want,
      consistently. 100% fact, because golf is about hitting the ball where you
      want and scoring low, nothing else.

      My point is proven. Thanks for participating.

  7. Matlin Luji says:

    i am agree with you..

  8. George Hibbard says:

    Dead right. My astigmatism and eyeglasses requires me to aim an inch south
    of the ball to hit it in the centerof the clubface,

  9. o2johnnybravo says:

    I think it’s both. A certain repeating action is required, and Hogan said
    when you are acting against every natural instinct, you will have a perfect
    swing. There’s certainly a big element of developing routine, but I do not
    disagree with your basic point.

  10. IRON LYON says:

    Best instructional videos in existence. I’m 58, 2 handicap, drive 270. My
    absolute lowest rounds occur when all I’m thinking about is hitting the
    ball where I’m thinking! No swing thoughts of any kind. This is truly
    magnificent golf instruction!

  11. charles copen says:

    Any sport has some aspect of hand eye coordination. People set-up to a ball
    and position a ball a certain way because it gives them the best chance of
    consistency. If it were truly just hand eye, a blind person could never hit
    a golf ball. 

  12. Stan Klein says:

    I think it’s 75% hand/eye coordination and 25% mechanics if you truly want
    to maximize your body’s power when hitting the golf ball. I’ll use a
    baseball analogy…if you put Joey Votto at the plate and have him hit with
    his feet together, he may still hit the ball….but probably not as hard as
    he can hit it with his current stance.

    Hand/eye coordination puts the club on the ball……technique determines
    how far the ball goes……

    I think you’re 100% correct on your line of thinking……Sergio, Fowler, B
    Watson, Furyk, etc……Leadbetter isn’t teaching those swings…..but they
    obviously have great hand/eye coordination and have found swings that
    coordinate with their body types to hit the ball straight and far.

  13. James Ruhnke says:

    Ron has it correct. Some guys have worked very hard on their golf swings
    but the results they get are not what they expected. Why? Well, maybe it’s
    because they worked very hard. Every time I go to the range I see ten other
    guys out there and they bring their whole bag with them and then hit 95% of
    their bucket with the driver. They will be out there for 30 years and will
    never learn a thing. Next time, go out there with nothing but a wedge in
    your hand and hit nothing but a 60-70 yard pitch with it, over and over
    until you can hit that shot with an easy, nothing to it swing each and
    every time. A driver, with that same swing will go 230-300 yds. depending
    on the individual. It may take more than one session to get the feel of
    this, but get it into your heads that what makes a good golfer is great
    feel using nothing but hand-eye coordination. You will really have learned
    something. It is the only way. You have to do the “work”.

    • Beta Vulgaris (A View From Europe) says:

      +James Ruhnke Sack the range and go to a GRASS practice ground. Hitting off
      mats with irons is worthless.

    • James Ruhnke says:

      +Beta Vulgaris (A View From Europe) True. The mat gives a false impression.

  14. RickBlaine1941 says:

    I don’t know if you are right, but you sure convinced me. Thank you.

  15. kilroy escalante says:

    Great stuff you shared on Hogen..

  16. Lu lz says:

    You can only play by “feel”when you understand what needs to be done if not
    you are hacking !!

  17. Sandeep Sethi says:

    You are a 1000 percent correct. Ernest Jones and a few other of that era
    knew this… Nowadays Golf is stuck in a crazy paradigm… Be great one day
    when common hack golfers who take these mental blinkers off start to become
    scratch golfers!! That’s my goal anyway.. I only started playing 2 months
    ago and I have come to the exact same conclusion after researching it like
    crazy. I now just focus on clubhead and how I feel hitting the ball rather
    than trying to make the ‘perfect swing’

  18. Michael Walters says:

    I have always been a Hogan fan and I have tried for years to use his method
    but I would always get lost in a maze of detail. I believe you and Brian
    Sparks are on the right track. I played today and worked on your method of
    swinging the club head with a lot of well struck shots. Can’t wait to hit
    balls tomorrow with your swing thoughts. Thanks from a retired golf course

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