Learn Ben Hogans Secret


Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and 2011 Ontario Class A PGA Teacher of the year Nominee, shows you the proper way to do the chair drill for posture and spine angle retention, as well as great weight shift drills for the Hogan Power Move!!


  1. Shawn Clement says:

    you can think about the power move in the practice swing but not when the
    ball is there; you need to get your focus sharpened and the videos are the
    following: “Ridiculously easy golf shawn clement” part 1 and 2 and check
    out “sledge hammer golf shawn clement” especially in the last 5 minutes
    where I talk about the focus sequence; you make the focus consistent and
    then you get consistent results.

  2. James Bob says:

    Sledge hammer golf Shawn Clement

  3. James Bob says:

    Ignore that last post, thanks Shawn before I started working on your swing
    I was taught to bump the hips, caused me all sorts of grief not to mention
    literal pain. Now I can swing all day. Cheers

  4. dannyfr22 says:

    shawn, this is the best explanation of a golf swing i have seen… and i
    have seen a lot! all your videos are brilliant, but this quite literally
    set a light bulb off in my head. thanks.

  5. justjames1111 says:

    Hi Shaun, Love the vids. Just wanted to check something with you. In this
    move your weight seems to move from your Right Heel to your Left Heel in
    the transition. Is my understanding correct? Regards James

  6. thowdy says:

    I watched this video and went to the range. I have a severe case of the
    “Shanks” and used this little move. I wouldnt say that it cured my shanks
    but I was able to hit a few good sand wedges in a row without sending the
    ball to the right. It also helped with chipping. Thanks.

  7. Shawn Clement says:

    To help even more with posture in a more natural way see my “kettle bell
    drill shawn clement” video; Shawn

  8. Charlie Wilson says:

    Did you know that you’ve become one of the more popular disc golf
    instructionalists as well? lol Many of the mechanics are very very similar.

  9. Twopeetfeet says:

    Thanks Shawn, you’ve just demystified the elusive pivot move for the
    ggolfing world. My sincerest gratitude.

  10. harabas1 says:

    does this apply on the driver as well?

  11. Jay McFarland says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  12. charly yoo says:

    Excellent video regarding proper lower body movement. I have paid 5
    different golf instructors and not a single one has ever explained this. 

  13. Farai Chikosi says:

    If this is not ur best golf video i dont know what is, youve just went to a
    place in that video that is pretty much what the downswing is all about,
    good job

  14. Farai Chikosi says:

    Video so good i had to comment twice, good job Shawn

  15. gerenr says:

    This video is, without doubt, the best explanation and demonstration of the
    golf swing. When my game goes south, I always refer back to this video.
    Good work Shawn!

  16. gbnorthman says:

    “The right back pocket REMAINS in place”. Talk about a light bulb moment.
    Several years ago I even put a note on Hogan’s book stating that the book
    was “for Hogan only”, after another terrible round!! You managed to shine a
    little spotlight on something which has confounded me for years. Genuinely
    elated to find this video. Although it’s that line above that’s the
    important bit. Sometimes you look but you don’t see. 

  17. P SMITH says:

    Hi Shawn- so can we assume that the lead foot and knee is used to
    accomplish this hip move? That by just concentrating on moving through
    these ‘back pocket/hip’ move/positions we will probably break the proper
    kinematic sequence?

    • Shawn Clement says:

      Have a look at a couple more videos to help consolidate this line of
      thinking: “sequence your sport swing shawn clement” part 1-2 and “proper
      downswing weightshift shawn clement”

  18. frankv1967 says:

    Great teacher! Truly helps with the transition like no other advice I´ve
    ever heard before. Gets a bit tiring carrying my mirror around with me on
    every round though… :-)

  19. Cody Magnusson says:

    Great stuff Shawn. I have been smuggling to transfer my weight the correct
    way to get my hands in front of the ball to compress it. I just tried this
    up against a wall and it felt great can’t wait to try it tmrw. But I know
    when something just feels right.

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