Hogan Project 1/4 Impact Drill

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A great drill for pivot and impact.

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  1. Chris Downing says:

    Something I have noticed with these exercises is that you need to do them
    as BJ suggests – over and over. He’s been blogging his progress and talks
    about 5000 repetitions a week. That may sound excessive, but I can tell
    you as a music teacher, that this sort of repetitive, slow motion to
    speeding up practice, is exactly how musicians learn new pieces of music –
    bar by bar, then two bars, then fours bars, and at each stage getting
    faster until its all assembled at full speed – the whole 100 bars of music

    The great temptation in golf is to move to full speed shots ASAP – pity
    golf isn’t like music and you could hear all the wrong notes you are
    playing when mis-shaping a swing. Not only would it motivate you to
    correct the errors – all those around you at the range would be giving you,
    let call it ‘feedback’, as well!

  2. Chris Downing says:

    I have put all the BJ Hathaway ‘Project Hogan’ clips together as a single
    set of lessons on a DVD so I can watch them in sequence many times easily.
    These are the best lessons on Hogan technique I have found recently.

  3. Mahob4957 says:

    Are all the “Project Hogan” clips on the wedsite or somewhere else? Thanks

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