Hogan Project Supplemental Drills

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Pivot related drills used in the Hogan Project.

2 Responses to “Hogan Project Supplemental Drills”

  1. Chris Downing says:

    This is great – just what followers of The Hogan Project needed. Thanks
    BJ. Since doing the exercises my in-to-out path has improved dramatically
    and I have a great sense of knowing where the ball is going, so my aim has
    really improved. Having been a slicer for decades, I thought it was time
    to finally put it in my past. Seems like these lessons have the basis of a
    video/eBook on the subject. Which of the modern players swings most like
    this do you think?

  2. Greg Patmore says:

    good stuff… the ankle movement is very helpful

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