Hogan Swinging Left Drill

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan appeared to "swing left" by using a body style release. This drill will teach you exactly how to do that and build a stable release in your golf swing.

20 Responses to “Hogan Swinging Left Drill”

  1. Lawrence P says:

    Excellent…..well done……keep the Hogan swing drills coming. thank

  2. Bill Golfer says:

    Wow, great video!

  3. Jamie Thomson says:

    Excellent content as usual. The pivot swing simplified.

  4. André Erasmus says:

    Excellent drill!

  5. emcaloonjr says:

    I love the Hogan focused lessons. Please keep doing these!!!!!

  6. Woody Woodworth says:

    BJ , this is my staple…….. drill baby, drill !

  7. John Adams says:

    Exactly what I am working on.The wrist conditions are critical for the body
    motion to work.If clubface is open from up cocking the right wrist then
    this does not work.Excellent video BJ as usual.Your stuff is top notch IMO.

    Here is me doing my version of this drill….

    • Augusta Golf Instruction says:

      +John Adams correct John, and really nice work with your drill video!

    • John Adams says:

      +Augusta Golf Instruction Thanks BJ.It’s a work in progress,especially for
      people like me who are so used to years and years of flipping to hit
      it.Nice to know that I am going in the right direction now.Again,thanks for
      taking a look at my video and giving me some positive reinforcement.

  8. Michael Hampton says:

    Enjoyed this BJ. I learned something!

  9. Maqqa says:

    Hogan always advocate keeping arms “tucked in” to the sides – Pg49, 50, 51

    0:35 – impact
    Look at Hogan’s upper arm (biceps area) and elbow at impact. Still tight.
    Hands straight under his chin.
    Luke’s upper arm is away from his side. Elbows more extended. This means
    his hands are further away. Hands straight under his cap

    As Hogan’s arms are attached to his side, the shoulder rotation will
    quickly take his hands around his body without the need to straighten the
    right elbow to turn the hands over.
    Luke’s arms are not as attached therefore his hands won’t fold over until
    he straightens his right elbow.

  10. David Lin says:

    what improvement can be made by swinging left?

  11. John Adams says:

    I think that the main reason people don’t use their pivot to hit the ball
    and instead just stall body flip at it is because it’s much easier to do
    and does not require bodily training.What BJ is showing here takes a lot of
    training and time to get comfortable with.Hitting it with the body will be
    such a different release than what stall flippers are use to.

    The latest video on my channel titled….”proper impact vs early extension”
    shows the differences clearly as they are actually recorded swings of mine.

  12. Tony Matt says:

    Congrats well said. Few i’ve seen that get it……

  13. sasquatchtour says:

    How do the wrists hinge. From this drill they appear and feel like a
    backward hinge then use the pivot to maintain lag pressure. A lot of
    instructors advocate a vertical hinge which isn’t present in this drill and
    when I try and add it to your drill it seems to promote forearm rotation.
    Do the wrists hinge vertical, horizontal, or both what is your take. Thanks

  14. The Watts Factory says:

    Awesome thx been an arm swinger all my life recently back into golf after
    15 year break. No YouTube when I stopped playing…….coming back into it
    now and videoing myself have realised I’m all arms and hands……so this
    drill will be added to the list of things to work on.

  15. Walt Lipski says:

    B.J., this and your others is outstanding!. I just passed 86 and still
    working on my swing. Thank You.

  16. Bob Filberth says:

    Hogan was doubled-jointed in both wrists. Check the angle between his
    hands and arms… at the TOP of his swing. That angle is not possible
    unless you are double-jointed in your wrists.

  17. seen921 says:

    This is great basics.

    Thanks so much.

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