Hogan’s Alley Lower Body Lead

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Tom Bertrand from a past segment of Hogan's Alley demonstrates Ben Hogan's philosophy for the lower body movement in the golf swing.

15 Responses to “Hogan’s Alley Lower Body Lead”

  1. Tim Flaherty says:

    Question: What do Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan have in common? Answer-their
    use of the lower body

  2. T Brown says:

    Great Drill

  3. MrTanker10a says:

    Awesome Drill!

  4. FairwayJack says:

    …lateral move first then turn hips ??

  5. secrettogolf says:

    why is it the left and not the right hip leading.I heard Vebturi say use
    the right the left hip is a culperate

  6. Darcy Ge says:

    nice, tip….

  7. tombertrand1 says:

    @FairwayJack keep the lateral motion to a minimum

  8. tombertrand1 says:

    @secrettogolf You need to have a feeling that the left hip is turning out
    of the way as the right hip is part of the powerful right side exploding
    through the hitting area.

  9. tombertrand1 says:

    @wratorres check out my website at The Secret of Hogans Swing.com

  10. spinetilt says:

    Mr. Bertrand, I have purchased your book and found the information to be
    spot on. I hit my hybrids and driver great, but have some issues with my
    shorter irons. Everything goes left for some reason. Any idea why I might
    be pulling ’em? It seems like there’s more time to get everything in place
    w the longer clubs. Any advice would be welcome!

  11. justjames1111 says:

    HiTom, Excellent drill, really gets the correct ‘feel’ of sequencing the
    swing properly. Thanks James

  12. I'm Simon says:

    Might give this a try :)

  13. Jim Asquith says:

    Great drill Tom, thanks! I’m new to the Hogan philosophy, and with my body
    style Mr. Hogan’s swing techinque is ideal for me. I will be a subscriber
    to your teaching for sometime to come! 

  14. golfinguna says:

    Hi. you have some great tips on your vids. With regards to the above, in
    the early years golfers would lift the leading foot and therefore you had a
    natural foot down motion to start the swing. Nowadays with the feet fixed
    to the ground you lose this natural motion and have to kick the knee out
    and follow with the hip drop ( or better described as the leading bum cheek
    dropping behind to a squat position) from this squat position you thrust up
    and forward to a finish. Whatever part of the body you use, the whole idea
    of using the lower body first is stop the golfer from using the arms or,
    what is commonly called casting. This (as far as I am concerned ) should be
    the first thing taught to a beginner. It is an absolute must above any
    other movement or grip.

  15. DMR4736 says:

    Nice drill, but actually would be simpler just to watch the Man himself
    demonstrate this; google ben hogan swing, and he shows in a minute, his
    drill from the top how he does this; think Hogan filmed it in around the
    mid sixties.

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