Hogan’s Alley The “waggle”.

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan and John Sclee's take on "the waggle" explained by Tom Bertrand, author of "The Secret of Hogan's Swing."
Check out more instructional material at TheSecretofHogansSwing.com

8 Responses to “Hogan’s Alley The “waggle”.”

  1. MrRsnick says:

    Tom good video but you say right hand is just along for the ride then what
    did Hogan mean when he said he wished he had three of them.

  2. DASH1ful says:

    It is virtually pointless to follow MF in this. In MF Hogan said that there
    should be a downward rotation of the left wrist in the waggle; which he
    never did in the waggle. Also he returned his hands back to the original
    position in the waggle; which, of course, is correct.

  3. Marc Fauteux says:

    If only Toms material were more widely published, there would be a big
    change in teaching. every teacher I watch, or video I see, or golf channel
    “tip” I see, fights against the flaws that come from going against the
    principles of the proper way to sing a club. it bugs me, I wish I could do
    something to help more.

  4. Howard Karasick says:

    tom you need to have no more then 2 minute video tip……you seem to go ON
    AND ON cmon get to the tip your wasting time

  5. looktorr says:

    I just want to see the ball you hit, which video?

  6. madesteve1 says:

    as hogan was ultimately responsible for his swing, we are responsible for
    ours, and we have already won in this game if we can enjoy the sometimes
    arduous task of fully understanding precise hogan motions which cannot be
    articulated by a 2 minute video.
    As hogan wrote what he did, we only have available to us a combo of people
    like Tom, who have been passed additional info to the books via john, other
    people who played with hogan, and others who just make their opinion from
    Tom’s articulation of the 2 book’s detail and john’s additional info is
    simply fabulous, and sorry but the journey to replicate hogans swing or
    swing methology takes patience, drive, determination, and passion.
    if you are as passionate as I am, you will take in every YouTube clip of
    Tom, it is priceless. if you aren’t getting results, it isn’t tom’s info,
    you gotta work out what you’re doing wrong.
    watch all the sevam2, my swing evolution, my hatton, dammit everyone!
    because by taking all the different approaches you will by trying and
    proving like hogan did,get there.
    thanks tom from a very grateful Stephen Williams Cornwall UK. please
    continue.its very appreciated

    • tombertrand1 says:

      +madesteve1 Thanks for the kind words Stephen. Great points. I want people
      to compare because all I offer is the truth.

    • David Campbell says:

      @tombertrand1 I took your videos to the course today and couldn’t believe
      how good it felt to hit the ball when it was good, and can’t wait to hit
      range balls to get the muscle memory going so the 58 I shot can get back
      down the the 52 I usually shoot and the occasional 46.47.48. 49 I have had.
      I am going to pour over every video I can! I appreciate that you havn’t
      wrapped it up in a $50 package but here it is right on youtube! I started
      last Friday with the purchase of Five Lessons of rebuilding a swing I could
      count on and this week I have made tremendous progress in the understanding
      of what I need to do! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TOM!

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