Hogan’s Angle

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan's Secret instruction from Five Lessons; The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. Ben Hogan's Angle.

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  1. Keern Haslem says:

    @secretogolf In the video I am laying out the geometry I uncovered in “Five
    Lessons.” For the purpose of swinging the club and communicating the
    correct motions I find the angle works well. If, at address, the angle
    (Hogan’s Angle) is a mental picture a template for the correct actions is

  2. Keern Haslem says:

    @secretogolf The drawing on this page
    shows many of the connections between Hogan’s Angle and Five Lessons.

  3. Keern Haslem says:

    @Akbaaz My purpose was to provide information to those people who are
    willing to wait. Also, there is enough time for a person to open their copy
    of “Five Lessons” and check the facts.

  4. penprick says:

    dude, you had me scared there for a minute, I thought you were going to
    jump off the roof. I need to get the little Hogan book out and do some

  5. CHRIS THOMAS says:

    Bartender…I’ll have two of whatever this guy’s drinking. Wow.

  6. Al S says:

    I’ve enjoyed working with Hogan’s Angle. It is more fun to have a target
    too work towards. I am surprised how well it works for chipping. The ball
    flight holds the line longer. It even seems to move in a slower motion than
    my previous chipping efforts, which had a lot of back spin. The distance
    control is much better than before.

  7. sixtyton angel (60tonangel) says:

    what the hell are you talking about man?

  8. Lu lz says:

    Hoga was too clever and mystique to give us a hint of his secret !

  9. 1lovegolf24 says:

    I get it! Nice.

  10. Keern Haslem says:

    +sixtyton angel it’s basically a question of how you view the golf shot. At
    address, are you thinking in terms of swinging the club, the ball, the
    target or your hands and mind. Most golfers try too hard. Hogan’s Angle
    unifies the lessons from Five Lessons into one simple, controllable space
    for a repeatable action. 

  11. hasseygolf says:

    Got a little winded going up those stairs, eh?… And I f I could get back
    those 8 minutes of my life back, that’d be great.

  12. Keern Haslem says:

    You just viewed one of the most conclusive depictions of Hogan’s Secret
    ever recorded. And a video representation of the closed case:
    Hogan’s Angle copyright 2006. Ben Hogan’s Secret revealed.

    • Coolhand850 says:

      +Keern Haslem LOL !! Are you serious ? I just fell out of my chair. Thats
      your solution to Hogans so-called secret ? You are not taking peoples money
      are you ? Please tell me you are not. Copyright What ? That is copyright
      infringement of what Hogan said ! What did you uncover on your own that is
      original ?

  13. Keern Haslem says:

    Hogan’s Angle ©Copyright 2006

  14. Keern Haslem says:

    Not at all. Nobody expects a teaching pro to like what I have to say,
    because accepting Hogan’s Angle would mean discarding much of what you

  15. Keern Haslem says:

    Do you see how fit I am? I could have run those stairs multiple times,
    while speaking, without any difficulty.

  16. Coolhand850 says:

    WTF ???

  17. maeu59 says:

    The only problem is you didn’t explain anything…..what does it mean?

  18. Keern Haslem says:

    That’s a good question. It means the way most people feel naturally
    inclined to view the golf swing is as an attempt to move the ball to the
    left. In truth, the golf swing is best executed from in front of the body
    to behind the body, on Hogan’s Angle, and back again.

  19. Rick O'Shea says:

    I like soup….

  20. Keern Haslem says:

    Soup is good 😋 it’s simple, like Hogan’s approach. To build a dependable
    repeatable swing all a golfer needs is a copy of Five Lessons; The Modern
    Fundamentals of Golf and Hogan’s Angle

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