Hogan’s Elbows 2

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I take a much deeper look at the way Mr. Hogan uses his left elbow during the swing.

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  1. PureSwingTV says:

    Great stuff Christo, Kelvin had me working on this in Hawaii a little bit.
    Kelvin told me that Hogan told somebody that’s all he thought about was
    that left arm pulling through the ball. Who knows how true these hogan
    rumors are though, I’m working on the same thing! Keep it up, looks good. 

  2. Charles Doral says:


  3. jcrown7 says:

    Good stuff. Take a look at dan Whittaker’s youtube channel, in particular
    is his video where he analyses hogan’s swing through the years 

  4. Matthew Collins says:

    Great swing…. but good god that music is bleak. Feel like i cant go on!

  5. x sauceda says:

    I’ve been telling everyone Tom Bertrand’s book on Hogan’s swing is the BEST
    thing I’ve come across in 35 years of studying the game. The part where
    Hogan explains that the left elbow is all he uses to square the clubface
    while keeping the back of the left wrist firm had me hitting the ball
    frighteningly straight.

  6. Dan Smith says:

    Glad that’s working out for you! after watching the video of his connection
    drill where he clenches his body with his arms and elbows I tried a
    variation of this move recently. I noticed he was oddly quiet when he said
    ‘we must lengthen the swing somewhere’ and wondered what he meant by that,
    as he didn’t really give an explanation. So I just realised to stay on
    plane I have to extend my left arm from my body because my right elbow is
    always connected, and the results were much better ball striking and a
    consistently straight shot

  7. sandman4224 says:

    Open the door, close the door.

  8. Alan Martins says:

    How far do you hit your irons? what loft does your PW start at?

  9. TheCodyxb says:

    Looks great!!! Pure butter! I’ve been watching your channel for a while
    now. Looks good. Thanks for the response! 

  10. Terrance Hostak says:

    Hey Christo, hope the New Year is being nice for you. The illustrations you
    show of Mr. Hogans elbows being tied together vs the photos or swings
    showing his left elbow away from his body and others comments that Mr Hogan
    always didn’t do what he said he did I think are mistaken. On pg 98/99 of
    Five Lessons the illustrations clearly show that Mr Hogan has his right
    elbow against his side and his left elbow away from his body throughout the
    impact zone. The photos and video clips you show also demonstrate that he
    did do what his book says he did. The illustrations of his elbows together
    are what he wanted his arms to feel like at setup. He said he wanted to
    have his upper arms connected. The proper sequence of the downswing will
    keep the upper arms connected by the rotation of the hips then the chest
    which brings the arms down and around. Its good to question everything
    though and that is what Mr Hogan really wanted each golfer to enjoy in
    their particular journey. Best Wishes and keep’em on the short grass.

  11. Rationality above all says:

    A huge thing I’ve noticed since beginning golf is the right knee. I can’t
    find a tour pro that straightens his right knee as much as you do here. Ben
    Hogan especially. Even unorthodox golfers like Bubba keep flex in the right
    knee! I started golf 4 years ago and now play off 2, if the right knee
    starts to straighten, look for the cause. Causes are vast: swaying,
    takeaway incorrect, balance, over swinging, poor transition, poor tempo etc

    • Rationality above all says:

      If there is not plenty of flex in the right knee, you can’t kick it in
      toward the target, you can only rotate it, minimum power. It’s the big
      power move, it’s what baseball pitchers push off, it’s what propelled
      Hogan’s weight shift to the target.

  12. Jackson Slagle says:

    So this would be the opposite of the old glove under the left armpit drill?

  13. matt faulkner says:

    great looking swing. the only thing i would say is you lose your posture
    slightly through impact with some early extension. your right elbow at
    impact is a little straight which is why you need to create space by
    standing up. maintaining bend in the right elbow through impact will allow
    you to stay down.

  14. Jamon Hampton says:

    you are literally doing moe normans ‘move’ by creating that left arm
    separation.. check it out..

  15. Jamon Hampton says:

    keeping that left arm attached also promotes flipping in some cases.. I
    will be experimenting with this as well. thank you !!! big fan. 

  16. Mickey Osugi says:

    Great vids and nice swing. I love Hogan’s swing and I’ve emulated many of
    his great motions. This is one thing I’ve found regarding this elbow bit
    that may or may not apply to your mechanics but I’d like to share in case
    it leads to anything else. I too read how he feels the arms were wrapped
    tight at address and connected throughout the swing. But I too had issues
    trying to maintain connection, often overdoing it wrong. Bio-mechanically
    speaking, when I did it correctly, my elbows separated but the left arm
    (humerus bone) maintained connection via left major pectoral muscle past
    impact. Left arm also had to stay straight for that connection to remain in
    tact. When it was wrong, my back muscles, left shoulder blade, and lats
    were very active thus causing my hands and club to get closer to my body.
    Hips were late and left elbow bent through impact resulting with a push
    right and mostly off the toe. 

  17. red devil says:

    Swing looks great man.

  18. Dave Higgins says:

    Hi Christo, love the videos. Great swing I’d love to see some of the swings
    at the 4 minute mark (front view) in slow no. 

  19. Hickory Trickory says:

    His elbows/triceps are not separating from his chest. Again Mr Christo you
    are looking at image and missing what is actually happening. Re-read the
    book,it is all in there if you know how to read the book ?

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Hickory Trickory I don’t understand. At :57 seconds in I show multiple
      shots coming into impact where Mr. Hogan’s left elbow is very far from his
      chest. Please help me understand what you are talking about if I am so
      wrong. What is “actually happening?”

    • Hickory Trickory says:

      +myswingevolution You are misunderstanding how pressure works. It is not
      separating/disconnecting it is completely under tension,active tension as
      Mr Hogan puts it. The chest is moving up and the arms are moving down
      causing centripetal force to be maintained. The pressure between the upper
      inner tricep and his chest at 0.57 is strong,very strong.The Elbows are
      never connected to the body at any point this is why Mr Hogan talks about
      the incredible tension in the triceps on page 48. That tension does dot
      dissipate until almost the end, as I see often in pursuers of Hogans
      dynamics. As Mr Hogan frequently stated the longer you can keep your left
      arm/tricep on the chest the better. Do not bother yourself with the
      elbows,they are almost irrelevant as they are controlled by much bigger

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Hickory Trickory Thank you very much for your thoughtful and insightful
      response. I will contemplate this and I look forward to more conversations
      with you! Feel free to hit me up at myswingevolution@yahoo.com if you’d
      like to discuss more!

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