Hogan’s Hip Thrust

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24 Responses to “Hogan’s Hip Thrust”

  1. Manny Chooch says:

    take a look at stan leonard. his move on the ball mirrors mr hogan to the
    tee. shows better than hogans drill. timing and ballance is perfecto.

  2. Ron Judd says:

    The slowing down of the hips is explained by Newton’s third law.

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If there were
    not an opposing reaction the action would continue on forever (Newton’s
    first law).

    When hit, the ball kicks back, compressing against the force applied to it
    supplied by club-head and the hip-turn and the golfer and then takes off as
    it begins to return to its natural shape. . Therefore the slowing of the
    hip turn happens quite naturally. It’s amazing that a little golf ball can
    kick back like this. I suppose it will also slow down the hands and the
    entire body to some degree, before the golf ball’s inertia is overcome.

    • Ron Judd says:

      +elnocho3 The ball applies the same amount of force to the club head as the
      club head applies to the ball. How do you know what force the ball provides
      and how it compares with other factors that cause a slowing of the hips. Is
      there any scientific work on this?

  3. Jewfishes says:

    I have just found your channel and have been watching your videos almost
    obsessively, but to caveat to your discovery of the “hip thrust”, I suggest
    you watch Adam Scott’s swing throughout his Masters victory, especially
    whilst he is using the Driver. The move you discovered looked much more
    drastic in Scott’s swing than McIlroy’s, and to me Adam Scott has one of
    the best swings on the tour.

  4. John M says:

    I find the music soothing and appropriate to your channel, don’t listen to
    all the low life wankers who just want to winge and moan. On a serious note
    what is or are you tips in lowering ones handicap, where do you suggest is
    the good place to drop more shots quickly, cheers mate.

    • myswingevolution says:

      One tip that helped me out was, “Don’t hit 2 bad shots in a row.” If I hit
      one in the woods, I have to make sure I get out of trouble on the next shot
      to avoid double and triple bogies.

  5. DASH1ful says:

    if there is a part of the follow thru where things seem to almost come to a
    stop in Hogan’s swing it does prove that Hogan did not actively turn hip
    hips from the top. pressure on the ground with the right foot has moved his
    legs thru. the left leg then has to straighten to allow the swing to
    continue after the judder; which is totally correct, but i do think that
    the movement should as smooth as possible if we are to avoid the insertion
    of plastics hips etc in Boby Jones’ book he says that the left leg should
    be straight at impact. i don’t quite manage to do that. but one exercise
    that has helped me is the use an air resistance implement. the left leg
    will have straightened when the implement has come to a stop (which, with
    the exercise i do, is when my arms are fully extended, without trying to
    launch then up into the follow thru or extend them to target). from there I
    just fold the left arm to continue thru and contiue to press on the ground
    with the front left of my right foot

  6. Patrick Barbour says:

    Did you feel your abs/core turning your hips first through the ball? I’ve
    been trying that lately and it really creates a more solid impact.

  7. eli yates says:

    vertical impact. its where the power comes from mang.

  8. Jim Smith says:

    Your leg work is too late.

  9. scotty from carnoustie says:

    It’s not the third law so much as the conservations of angular and linear
    momenta: by propelling the hips until they are stopped by the limits of
    elasticity of the body the experts wait until all that momentum stored in
    the massive body pours into the only movable parts, the lighter arms and
    hands, generating that final fast arm thrust.

  10. FairwayJack says:

    I’m working on this right now…got a problem with early extension. Trying
    to work thru it

  11. JayZoop says:

    I notice Hogan’s right elbow comes down exactly in sink with his right hip
    bone. It’s like a hip and right elbow thrust.

  12. looktorr says:

    I also love Hogan’s swing, too. Your videos are wonderful. I shall follow
    you what you learn. You are a good observer and now you are my teacher for
    any reason. Haha thanks a lot. ^^

  13. Dmozar says:

    How many of those balls went over the fence? :)

  14. Thomas Kackle says:

    I think another key is flexibility, you really need to turn in the
    backswing, the more that left shoulder gets under the chin and behind the
    ball, the more impactful the lower body becomes, if you can stay behind it
    and keep it in the slot after a real big turn, you are guaranteed to hit it
    straight. I feel when I implement Hogans basics without a full turn in my
    backswing, I pull shots. That little extra turn gets the club face square.
    Just a thought 

  15. Thomas Kackle says:

    Hogans turn in backswing is key

  16. Miguel Gizman says:

    I have noticed that you restrict your back swing to more than a half. And
    you urge to hit the ball instead of swinging it. That is way your hip does
    it move as fast as Hogan’s. It has to be a natural “click.”
    Work on it. 

  17. Convenantal Apologetics (Jesus Is My Savior) says:

    That is them jumping up into the ball. For distance, you aren’t suppose to
    rotate your hips in a strieght plane. When you start the downswing, you
    almost squat, then you rotate, and then you use your legs that are in that
    squat position and literally jump up. That is what you saw with Rory
    McElroy. You see all of the long drive champs do this as well. Also, what
    they do is make their hands in the backswing vertical to the ground, and
    lift up their left foot from the ground to increase shoulder and hip

  18. FairwayJack says:

    Christo….for what it’s worth, here is something from my stack of golf
    index cards that I use in my own journey…Hip Thrust: you can overdo this.
    Try to keep it under control by lining up (parallel) your straightening
    right leg & a fwd leaning shaft at impact (vs aggressive groin thrust)

  19. Pero Majdandzic says:

    Mate, I know the video is a couple of years old and don’t know if someone
    has told you. What your talking about is hip slide, in this video it’s
    pretty noticeable that you don’t and your trying to turn the hips. You need
    to slide the hips first.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Pero Majdandzic Yes, this was my early investigation into the hips. I have
      a greater understanding of them know and I agree with you.

  20. Zv Zvarko says:

    Its called body efficiency – hit 10 billion balls and you will get this
    move naturally

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