Hogan’s last stand

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

The last balls Hogan hit on camera

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  1. silgneb says:

    Were you in the meeting when he told the Japanese not to f it up? He
    actually probably had respect for Palmer knowing he was up an coming and
    probably had some flash of his youth fading but they played several times
    together and from the looks of the pictures I have seen they are just to
    great golfers. You are judgmental and rude Hogan is a legend.

  2. WALRU11 says:

    Doubtless from your vulgarity and total lack of class you are indeed a
    Hogan fan. Enough said.

  3. WALRU11 says:

    For a time, Hogan was a peerless player from tee to green, but almost
    always a classless figure iin social settings, damaged in mind & body.
    Admirable for achievements despite weakened legs, his deplorable rudeness
    alas renders him a small man with feet of clay. I wish he had been
    otherwise, but he was not. No amount of revisonist writing can ressurect
    him as more than he was – a terribly flawed figure with an almost perfect
    golf swing.

  4. WALRU11 says:

    “U-tube noteriety.” That’s a hoot! I am simply calling it as I both saw it,
    read it, & know it from others who knew him. Don’t get me wrong. On the one
    hand, I have tremendous admiration & respect for Hogan the player. His
    single-minded determination is an unequalled testament to grit & courage &
    for a time he became simply the greatest. But alas, his flaws & failures as
    a human being in a gentleman’s game that teaches character are tragic,
    disheartening, & at times almost inexcusable.

  5. ej0002 says:

    Its a shame they Fucked it up.

  6. WALRU11 says:

    We can agree on that. Hogan had meticulous standards that could not be met
    by those interested less in a club lie than the bottom line. Broke his
    heart. A sad outcome for a remarkable champion.

  7. WALRU11 says:

    @rea082151 “Go F yourself ignorant ahole.” Small wonder such a classless
    mental pygmy as you turns out to be a knee-jerk worshipper of such an
    offensive self-absorbed small-minded misfit as Ben Hogan. FYI: Golf is the
    gentleman’s game – & Hogan failed to uphold its noble standards despite his
    mastery of its technical aspects. He was, like you, rude, offensive,
    solipsistic, and woefully uneducated. Your response reveals you to be
    unworthy to play the game of golf.

  8. Kevin Bur says:

    WALRU…. Why do you have such a vendetta against him? You have about 30
    posts on here all discussing how terrible of a person hogan was. Why the

  9. WALRU11 says:

    @samimalmstrom Who am i? Why, I’m part of the public that financed Ben
    Hogan’s career and thus have every right to criticize his appalling
    behavior to others of his trade to whom he displayed rudeness and boorish
    behavior. He was NOT “more known for his gentlemanly behavior thananyone
    else.” Far from it. That distinction goes to Arnold Palmer whom Hogan
    treated abysmally.

  10. samimalmstrom says:

    @WALRU11 Palmer is over rated. Just a product of media, corporations, and
    simply political propaganda during the cold war to give the sheep of
    America something to believe in, just like Elvis and Marylin Monroe.
    Nicklaus and Hogan were true talents with true character and didnt ‘get
    along to go along’. You either like them or not. Palmer was made
    everybody’s darling, and therefore lacked charisma. Sounds more like u r
    agitated by the fact that Hogan didnt like Palmer b/c everybody else did.

  11. WALRU11 says:

    @samimalmstrom Hogan was a rude little Texan & Nicklaus a spoiled Teutonic
    egoist, both of whom lacked true sportsmanship. All that mattered to them
    was winning & they treated their fellow pros with disdain. Palmer had it
    all – a better all-around game than Nicklaus (who stunk from 100 yds in,
    but over-powered courses from the tee & could putt fast greens). Hogan
    refined his swing but little else.

  12. Rick Peters says:

    @rsbdirect Great book !! I finished it 2 months ago. I could not put it
    down. Two weeks ago I started the book called the match by Mark Frost.
    about Hogan and nelson who take on Venturi and ward because of a bet made
    by Eddie Lowery to George Coleman that his to amateur golfers who had not
    lost a match in 4 years could beat anybody any time. another great book.

  13. Rick Peters says:

    I wonder if Hogan would be angry if he new that this tape got out for the
    public to see ?

  14. paulski5 says:

    @Rick102667 Don’t want to be too disrespectful to you or he…but I could
    mostly care less! 1. It happens 2. this is one of the best golfers ever and
    quite possibly the most skilled ballstriker ever. We cannot have enough on
    him if you ask me. We shoulda known as much about him as possible before he
    died, if he were willing of course. I hate all the mystery and
    misinformation surrounding this man. What is needed is the most detail
    possible. The ultimate would be to get inside his head but….

  15. paulski5 says:

    @paulski5 Hope that is not too much to say I could care less…honestly I
    do not want to be rude…but really people…we need to know as much as we
    can about the greats of anything if you ask me. What the hell is the point
    of us toiling over all the answers if it has been done already. It is
    redundant and inefficient. I understand there is an individual component.
    All I would like to see is completeness of information. Certain things
    deserve that. Maybe somehow there is a good reason but…

  16. paulski5 says:

    To elabourate…imagine we could get to study Hogan nowadays on a
    Trackman…or know his thought process while playing…what makes him and
    his swing tick. Or get him on a 3D swing imaging machine like they have
    now. It is there to SEE on video yes…but to know his intent (conscious),
    his process to get where he did, etc. Maybe he was just super talented. Or
    maybe he knew a lot he didn’t say. Who knows. I presume he did not just
    practice like he did to get in repetitions. He learned, I presume.

  17. paulski5 says:

    Looks like the shot at 3:40 went right. Wasn’t his driver though. My guess
    is the shaft was not stiff for him. Just a guess. But Hogan’s clubs were
    known for being super stiff. Even at his age he is hitting it pretty well

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