How to hit a golf ball-the secret that will add 31 yards to your golf drive


How to hit a golf ball

Like me,I’m sure you have watched the golfers on the television and they make it look so easy.You sit there and wonder why you cannot do it.

In this article we are going to share with you the one secret that will help you to answer how to hit a golf ball and increase the distance you drive the ball.

The best way to succeed at anything is to copy what the best people do, and this follows that formula because we have analysed the golf swings of over 20 of the best golfers,both past and present.

These include :

Jack Nicklaus

Gary Player

Ben Hogan

Ernie Els

Tiger Woods

Ben Hogan

Ernie Els

Tiger Woods

Fred Couples

I’m sure you will agree that not only are these some of the best golfers the game has ever seen,but there are some with truly great golf swings.

It was during the research that an amazing discovery was made about Ben Hogan’s golf swing.Many golf experts believe that he was the greatest golfer ever. You may not know that in 1949 Ben Hogan was involved in a near-fatal car crash,which resulted in his doctors declaring that he may never walk again.

Ben Hogan had other ideas,because not only did he walk again but he re-joined the PGA Tour and went on to win 6 Major golf titles, 3 of which he won in one year.

The research shows that there was a major change in the way that Ben Hogan hit the ball after his accident.

I’m sure we would all like to hit a golf ball like all these great players, and it’s true that one simple secret will not make you a professional golfer.However, if you can make one change and master that you will be ready to move on and make more improvements.

You may consider this secret obvious but in a study made by Golf Digest, it was found that when swinging the club at 100 mph if you hit the ball in the center of the club the ball will travel 258 yards. However,if you miss the center by just 1 inch the ball will only travel 227 yards.

So just by missing the center of the club by 1 inch,has cost you 31 yards in distance.

Now that you know what to do,you really need to practice and follow the advice of Ben Hogan,who said :

“Whenever I am working on something I always do it in slow motion.”

Just practice with you golf club and swing really slowly, and keep going until you can hit the ball in the center of your club. Once you master this you are well on your way in learning how to hit a golf ball.

You can watch the great man swing in this video.



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Ben Hogan-the greatest golfer ever


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