How To Improve My Golf Swing

how to improve my golf swing

Are you one of those golfers who asks “How to improve my golf swing?”

Here you will learn from Robert Cotter how to unleash your own personal perfect golf swing,add 30 yards of accurate distance to your drives, and reduce your handicap by 7-10 strokes.


If you are brand new to the game of golf or have reached a plateau in your scoring, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

If you have played for some time and are looking to end years of frustration and inconsistency, or are determined to break below a scoring level be it 100, 90, 80 or 70, then Roberrt is eager to show you how to do just that.

He is a professional Golf Ball Design Engineer by trade and has worked for the industry leaders in that arena (you know the names).  Chances are you may have played with balls that incorporated his designs, and his contributions have been recognized by the United States Patent Office.

He also writes extensively on golf topics including instruction, equipment, and top players.  His work has been featured in dozens of publications and industry websites including Today’s Golfer Magazine, The New York Times, Livestrong, The Right Way, eHow, Golf Link, ausgolf, and other prominent golf info channels.

Those credentials aside, his real passion is playing the game and teaching it to others.  In fact, the word obsession may more closely describe his interest in instruction.

This is, of course, why you are reading this letter.  You are seeking to take your game to a new level and work out “how to improve my golf swing”

Great, we are of the same mindset!

You may be happy to know that he wasn’t born with a golf club in his hands.He was never on the Mike Douglas show hitting balls with Bob Hope at 4 years of age (like Tiger).  He didn’t play junior, high school, or college golf.

In fact he had little interest in the game of golf the first 23 years of his life.

This all changed one hot summer evening when his father dragged me to the local driving range as he was preparing for a league match the next day.

After hitting 20 balls or so he handed Robert an old persimmon driver and said, “Here, you give it a try”.

After 5 swings and a string of expletives,he had missed one, banged a few off the side of the stall, and managed a slice so violent it crawled up the right side range netting and headed out toward the street.

Not a great start to his golf career.  But before the night was through, he had managed to get a few out there into the dark sky.   And that sound off the driver was, well, quite cool.

So the next day he flipped through a few Golf Digests that were lying around the house, studied a few pictures, and headed back out to the range the same night determined to answer the question “how to improve my golf swing”.

What a train wreck!  Only 1 in 5 balls were getting airborne and going in the general direction as planned.  And this was mainly because his tempo was good.  If he timed one correctly, then contact was decent, and we had a “lift off” of sorts.


The Day He Made The Discovery…

It was a gloomy autumn day.  The clouds were rolling in and rain was on the way.  But he was determined to get his round in before the storm hit.

The first nine wound up in typical fashion, his usual 44.  But the back nine was a different story.

He knew he had to have an efficient inward 9 holes to score well and beat the rain.  There was no room for side trips into the woods, or losing strokes to water hazards.

With those ominous clouds hanging overhead, he started to hit shot after shot dead square on the center of the clubface.

His swing felt effortless and the club tracked right back into the ball with precision.  He can remember the snap and fizz of the same Balata ball he had started the round with, an old red numbered Titleist.

With the bad weather closing in,he was moving through that back nine from Point A to Point B and he was racking up par after par with a few birdies mixed in on the par 5’s.  He didn’t know exactly what was going on, but he new one thing:


His Golf Swing Was On Autopilot!

He knew before each swing that contact was going to be solid and he could see the entire ball flight in his mind.  His swing was repeating like never before.

When it was over,he had shot 34 on the back for a total of 78.

In that one round his game and future had changed.  He had gone from being someone who played golf, to being a golfer.  He had, for at least one day, joined the <5% of golfers who break 80.

That day would fundamentally change his life as in the weeks that followed, it became clear that his engineering degree would be put to use in the Golf Industry.


It would be a few years later while in the golf industry working with top players that he would discover what he calls …

 “The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing”


After finally solving the puzzle and discovering “The Key” to a repeating golf swing heI detailed everything he discovered into an easy to follow guide.

This enabled other golfers, like yourself, to immediately put it into use it in your own games.


In “The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing”, You Will Discover:
  • What The Key is, why it works for golfers at all ability levels, and how to use it with every club in your bag (driver thru sand wedge).
  • Detailed illustrations and easy to understand reference material.
  • How to become the  master of your swing and truly own it.
  • The common denominator that governs the swing of every great player.
  • How to tie together the individual steps of the swing into a seamless, repeating motion.
  • How to use The Key to create perfect impact, time and time again.
  • The discovery on a PGA tournament practice range that changed my game forever.
  • How by simply focusing on your ________ can help you quickly develop your Instant Golf Swing.
  • The comment from a Ryder Cup star (watching my swing) that reinforced my Swing Method.
  • Why you must avoid _______ during your swing to get solid impact and maximum power.
  • Whether your arms and hands or your body should control the golf swing.
  • Why the most important part of your grip is the __________.
  • A simple visualization you can use to make sure your set-up alignment is correct.
  • The biggest mistake golfers make with their backswing and and how to easily correct it.
  • How to use “The Power L” to ensure a proper backswing that compresses the ball and sends it screaming on its way!
  • The proper downswing triggers to use to increase your odds of solid contact.
  • 4 drills you can use to incorporate the Key To A Repeating Golf Swing into your game
  • And Much, Much More…

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how to improve my golf swing



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