How to putt better now

How to putt better

How to putt better

Most golfers want to learn how to putt better.If you are playing a par 5 and reach the green in 2 or 3 shots,all is wasted if you 3 putt,hence the reason to learn how to putt better.

Putting Golf Instruction – Introduction

The definition of a putt is a golf ball that is hit on a putting green with a putter. With that definition to what may seem as to be a simple part of the game of golf, I am going to take you on a journey without a destination.

Putting is extremely Influencial on your Golf Handicap

I know some of you have heard it before yet I am going to say it again. Anywhere between 40-50% of your score, my score and even Tiger Woods score is a result of putting. The first time you hear that number it seems to knock everyone over. As a matter of fact, the 100th time you hear it, it seems to knock everyone over.

Golfers Don’t Practice Putting Enough

There seems to be a major problem with that number. NOBODY DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. It has to be close to twenty years ago where that number became a popular thing to talk about. We have all kept track of our putts for the past 50 years but it wasn’t until someone placed a percent on the number of putts per round that really got us thinking.

Once upon a time it seems like we used to think if we had 29 putts or less we putted well and if we had 30 or more we didn’t talk about it. Then all of the sudden we wake up one morning and someone says “do you know that 38% of your round today was putting”. Of course the next stat to come along shortly there after was what percent of your round was from inside 100 yards. We will discuss that at another time.

Back to the 38% of your round on the putting green that was enough for anyone to take notice, except us and I mean ALL of us. The 18 handicap golfer averages 36 putts per round. You can run but you can not hide 40% of 90 is 36 putts per round.

You can be a Great Putter

You and I may not ever hit the golf ball as far as Tiger or as straight as Tom Kite but we can all learn to improve our putts per round percentage and I mean all of us. That is exactly what this part of the program is designed to do.

I am going to give you some mechanical techniques and then move on to some mental advice. From there I am going to explain how you can teach yourself to become a great green reader. After all these years I am so convinced if I could read your putts for you it would eliminate three putting the world over. I will wrap it up with what I refer to as the picture. The picture is the secret you have been looking for so you can become “The Best Putter in Town”.

When you have finished this program and spent four to eight weeks working on the information I have passed on to you it will change your golf life FOREVER.

Remember putting is a journey NOT a destination. Grab your putter and three golf balls and let’s get started.

Article by Bobby Eldridge


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