How To Putt Better

How To Putt Better

How To Putt Better-this putting guru has been teaching top golfers how to putt better.

PGA Tour Star Uncovers the Secrets to Better Putting from an Underground Putting Guru.


Every golfer wants to learn how to putt better as it is one of the most important parts of the game.It is a fact that 40%-50% of your shots in any round are going to be on the putting surface.Despite this,many of use practise our driving,chipping and bunker play,but do not do justice to learn how to putt better.

If you really want to reduce,or maintain,your handicap,you need a putting stroke that is going to hold up under pressure.


So if we know that putting makes up 40-50% of our score, we don’t yet have a plan for how our putting is going to improve, and we’ve tried other putting methods that just didn’t stick over the long term, what do we do?

You Do Have a Few Options:

  • You can continue to disregard your putting as an important part of your game, and simply hope that great ball striking can make up for it.
  • You can talk to your local pro, who is probably a great putter, but spends the majority of their time practicing and teaching the full swing
  • You can learn directly from an internationally renowned expert in putting, who has spent years developing a method for putting that has helped every level of golfer, from the beginner to the accomplished amateur, to players on the PGA tour.

Why not learn from some who has already taught many golfers how to putt better?

Here is a list of just some of the golfers that Geoff Mangum’s method’s have helped:

  • 2003 PGA Champ
  • 2006 PGA Runner-up
  • 2010 PGA T5
  • 2009 US Amateur Champ
  • 2010 US Amateur Champ
  • 2010 US Amateur 3 of 4 semifinalists
  • 2010 British Amateur Champ
  • 2010 British Open T14 as amateur
  • World Amateur Ranking 1-3 sweep
  • NCAA Men’s Div-I #1 Player
  • NCAA Women’s Div-I #1 Player …

..and many more.

Steve Elkington Improves His Putting

Steve Elkington was not at the top of his game in 2009. His weakness in putting particularly showed. From 3-5 feet, he ranked 157th..

But one day, Elk found an amazing video of Geoff’s about delivery speed of the golf ball. Here is a quote from Elk himself:

“I found Geoff on the internet, got him to come to Houston in the off season and help me with my putting……1st time I’ve ever been in the top 10 in putting on tour in 25 years.”

Steve Elkington

In 2010, after a lot of hard work with Geoff Mangum, Elk ranked 2nd in the same category. He also went on to finish 5th at the PGA Championship and win almost $1,000,000 on tour in 2010.

After watching The Reality of Putting, you will

  • Learn to Read Greens Like a Professional
  • Make Those Pressure Packed Eagle and Birdie Putts
  • Learn to Visualize More Putts Going In, and Feel More Confident on the Green
  • Learn to Anticipate the Optimal Speed for Putting on any Green
  • Learn the Very Same Material That Steve Elkington Used to Win almost $1,000,000 on the PGA Tour last year!

With the Reality of Putting, you can listen in as Steve Elkington and Geoff Mangum dive head first into what it takes to become a fantastic putter of the golf ball.

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How To Putt Better

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