Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Dan discusses how to release lag like Ben Hogan and Sergio Garcia.


  1. MiniBlueDragon says:

    Great video. 5:47 is what I struggle with; need to get the hips to keep
    turning but no matter what I try they stall fractionally open and leave me
    with issues timing the strike.

    • Dan Whittaker says:

      Make sure that you have enough weight shift over the left side this is
      vital to the rotation you can make through the ball. If you are on your
      right side you will always stall through impact and chase due to you having
      nowhere to rotate through to

    • MiniBlueDragon says:

      +Dan Whittaker Thanks Dan. Unfortunately it’s definitely not a lack of
      weight shift that’s the problem /watch?v=uO-dH-g0NtA

    • Dan Whittaker says:

      +MiniBlueDragon I can’t view anything to watch re a link. But if you send
      me a video I’m sure I’ll be able to spot the issue for you.

  2. ASILASIL1 says:

    Brilliant video Dan! Really helpful! Thank you

  3. exolab says:

    Dan, it is great to see you putting out videos regularly. Thank you so

  4. Hickory Trickory says:

    Hogan had a shallow angle of attack and stayed square longer through impact
    than just about anyone,maybe only Trevino stayed longer square. Hogan hit
    the ball very clean.

  5. Ray Frosti says:

    Another awesome video. Thanks a million.

  6. S Smoove says:

    He hit hooks simply because of the by-product of the grip with the left
    hand. If you think otherwise, you are digging too deep. The strong left
    hand grip is causing many different movements in his swing, movements I
    don’t need to mention.

  7. Thomas Fraser says:

    Dan. It is true Hogan used his hips and lower body to rotate his body
    through the swing. But what I think you may have left out is that his shots
    became better as he learned to have a slight weaker grip and maintained the
    dorsieflexion of his trail hand throughout his swing until his finish when
    he would then see the palm of his lead hand facing the target

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