Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Learn how to release the club like Ben Hogan. The way the pivot controls the swing and the body is the engine.


  1. Stephane Gauthier says:

    Great explanation. It’s all coming together now.
    Too many teachers break down the individual body movement witout mentioning
    that they are by-products of the overall motion, which only serves to
    confuse students and creates more paralysis-by-analysis. Keep up the
    excellent work!

    • Dan Whittaker says:

      Thankyou for the comments. In my opinion too many are not jumping on the
      band wagon of anyway to take the club back bowed almost anyway to want and
      are teaching concepts that are a by product of the overall motion without
      knowing how they all fit together. I hope the videos continue to be useful
      to you.

  2. myswingevolution says:

    Hi Dan. What a great video! I just wanted to let you know that I’m a fan
    and I’ve enjoyed researching your great work. Keep it up!

    • jason stanley says:

      He knows his onions ( as we say in the UK)

    • Dan Whittaker says:

      Hi, I’m glad you like my work and find it useful. I have seen that you are
      on your way to employing the Hogan swing to your own game. Thanks Dan

    • myswingevolution says:

      I was a frustrated golfer for over 30 years, never better than a 14
      handicap. By studying Hogan and videos like yours, I can now break par. I
      really do appreciate the fine work you and others have put out there for us

    • Dan Whittaker says:

      +myswingevolution it’s not for ‘you hacks’ per say as you definitely are
      not in that category you have done a good job with your site and social
      media channels I’m sure that you will continue to improve and have a swing
      that is even more like Mr Hogans with hard work.

  3. x sauceda says:

    Tiger… are you listening? Please stop chicken-winging your left arm on
    the follow thru on your longer shots and follow Mr Whittaker’s instruction.

    • Dan Whittaker says:

      Thankyou for the comments I’m sure if tiger got the left shoulder to clear
      quicker and the right elbow to move forwards sooner he’d have lots more
      space through impact

  4. joel fox says:

    best explanation of the golf swing especially of what Hogan was trying to
    do in his 5 fundamentals book that i have seen;thanks Dan for this video;
    great job!!!

  5. Dojo NB says:

    Brilliant video Dan, Hogan downswing demystified !

  6. gabe soliari says:

    Love your videos and analysis, especially for those of use looking to
    replicate Hogan. One observation, the audio seems to be off from the video.

  7. Maqqa says:

    Thanks for the vid about Hogan.
    I am sure you are successful in what you do but I think this does more harm
    than good.
    There are so many contradictions

  8. Ray Frosti says:

    Dan, beautifully explained. Wow. Very helpful.

  9. Michael John Field says:

    Hi Dan,

    as always – an enjoyable video and certainly you are no doubt correct about
    the way Hogan used his body through impact (and also with the right forearm
    getting in front of the torso in the later down-swing so he didn’t get
    ‘trapped’). Nice photos and videos to accompany your explanation.

    I do think Hogan had less left arm fold / rotation action in the
    follow-through though – look at the way Vijay Singh has always extended in
    the follow-through and it’s very similar to photos of Hogan particularly on
    his Driver swings (Jordan Spieth also looks similar and also has a very
    weak left-hand grip at address similar to Hogan after 1950). Maybe that’s
    more of a difference between his iron and wood swings though. Hogan always
    looks like he’s going ‘low and left’ on his irons after impact.

    Always nice to see my Hogan ‘Carnoustie’ print which is at the back of your

  10. troy mcdonald says:

    Dan, great thoughts on how a rotational golf swing delivers the hit on the
    ball. Your videos are easy to follow and understand. Thanks

  11. Denny Law says:

    More dribble and endless talking that does no good to anyone but the talker
    thinking he’s great and knows something others don’t.
    If talking actually counted for anything…everyone would be a great golfer
    but of course hardly anyone really is. Those that can…do …..and those
    that can’t…… TEACH.
    YOU can spend a year in the class room like this guy apparently thinks does
    some good, when in fact you still won[‘t be able to fire one single shot
    better. Another video of someone on a classroom that I guess can’t hit a
    shot….or how we any of us know, and if you can’t do it…you have nothing
    to tell me. Over a BILLION dollars is spent on useless golf lessons by
    teacher that can’t explain anything well enough to change peoples games.

    • Jason Mitchell says:

      +Denny Law Wow, you are a bitter, frustrated person who may very well need
      some therapy. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to square the
      clubface with Hogan’s swing, and nobody has clarified it better than Dan
      Whittaker in this video.

    • Denny Law says:

      Okay…I’m glad it worked for you ,but as Hogan once said.,……”NO ONE
      ever hit better shots by talking about them”. And by the way, your talking
      about “squaring it up” but the video is EVEN entitled “Releasing the club”
      and these are two distinctly different aspects of the swing. I find the
      release to be the least talked about with the least amount of people
      knowing how to explain it, than any other element of the game.
      And thanks for calling me names and of course anyone you disagree with
      needs therapy and attacking and the world is full of mean spirited, violent
      people like you. May God bless you anyhow.

  12. graham jones says:

    whilst I agree with what youre saying but youve got to remember Hogan
    started as a left hander so to swing like this for us hackers you have to
    work on/improve youre left side strength/co-ordination. this means a lot of
    hard work, i can now swing reasonably well left arm only even tho im not
    left handed.

  13. This is Real Life says:

    Brilliantly explained. I’ve been trying to rebuild my swing into Hogan’s
    ideal for several months, and working with my 16 year old to make sure he
    never has to UNLEARN years of arm-swinging like I now have to. I want him
    to enjoy years of golf with a correct basis, and then he can tweak it the
    rest of his life to make it “his”.

    When I study Hogans old films, stop action, slow-motion, full speed, and
    read his lessons, it’s so difficult to put it all together into a 1.5
    second swing. We spend a lot of time at the range. I don’t know why it’s so
    hard to unlearn bad habits and learn new ones.

    It will appear one week we’ve really made progress and I can see the smile
    on his face when the ball is compressing and jumping off the clubface. Then
    the next week it’s very hard to stay positive, because we’ve lost the
    “feel” of what we were doing so well before. It’s entirely too easy for our
    bodies to revert to arm-swinging again.

    My question is, how can we make sustainable progress? Sometimes it seems we
    are starting at the beginning, over and over. I use slow motion video of
    our swings and can find what to change and focus on, and it works, for
    maybe a week. Then it’s as if we can’t “remember” what it felt like the
    next time we’re at the range.

    Do you have any methods we can use to create sustainable progress? Hitting
    hundreds and hundreds of balls doesn’t seem to do it. I mean, there’s
    progress, but there are also terrible mis-hits, forgetting to shift weight
    to the left, or forgetting to keep the hands quiet, forgetting tho keep the
    arms in front, etc, etc.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • This is Real Life says:

      +This is Real Life – Actually, I just viewed your video “How to practice
      like a pro” and you answered my question. Thanks for your excellent videos.
      You have a great talent for recognizing how to explain, in words, something
      as complex and subtle as the correct golf swing.

  14. adri vreeke says:

    so the conclusion might be the speed of the golfclub Depends off the speed
    of the bodyrotation

  15. tom wong says:

    That tip on down swing, shallowing the plane and rotate the body and club
    around through impact is the key for me!
    When shallowing the plane on down swing, that maintains the connection
    between my hands and body and maintain that triangle and allow me to turn
    and release the club with body! Fantastic tip!

  16. Matt Barger says:

    Great video. I’ve watched it about 10 times to learn a bit more about how
    to use centripetal force in my swing. At 2:08 you say that “you want to
    keep the clubface square to neutral coming down” before the release. How
    exactly would we do that (though as my miss tends left, perhaps I don’t
    need this advice)?

    Additionally, how do we train that feeling of the left shoulder opening,
    which, as you say, naturally squares the face at impact? My swing is quite
    handsy (I tend to think rugby ball, and that helps the timing), and I’d
    love to train that out of my swing.

    Again, love your work.

  17. Nick Tuason says:

    Dan I presume you are exaggerating the delivery because Hogan didn’t have
    the club behind his hands from that position as you demonstrate. I also
    don’t believe he folded his left elbow as much as you show. Early duck
    hooking Hogan was L to L as you show, but Hogan the legend as we now, held
    off that release as much as he could.

    • Dan Whittaker says:

      The delivery may be exaggerated in what I am demonstarating. He freely let
      the club release even as the legend as the overtaking rate of the club on a
      draw and fade are the same it is simply the geometry that is altered. In an
      iron shot we often see a more held off look but this could be a holding
      shot he was playing. With the driver he freewheeled it until the later
      years when injury and lack of speed made him hold on to the club more.

  18. Kareem Osman says:

    dan. this is the best explaination of hogan I have ever seen . but do you
    think that this stable release (the arms and hands don’t feel like doing
    any thing) and usage of body turn . (with solid contact). will give enough
    distance for today golf game. or do you stick with a free weeling modern
    stuff. And what do you think of using both in the same competition round.

  19. e james says:

    sir henry cotton’s swing was very “handsy”……………

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