How to swing a golf club-improve in as little as 5 minutes a day.

How to swing a golf club

As golfers we are all looking for the perfect swing.

We all want to know how to swing a golf club properly.

We watch golfers like Ben Hogan,Fred Couples and Ben Crenshaw and wonder why we cannot swing like them.

The truth of the matter is that there is a certain amount of natural talent,but Ben Hogan’s Secret was lots and lots of practice.

Interestingly Jack Nicklaus,one of the world’s greatest golfers, suggested that hitting a specific shot :

“is 50% mental picture,40% setup, and 10% swing.”

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The set up is very important and consists of 4 main elements :

1 The grip

2 Posture

3 Alignment

4  Ball position


Most of us have our own grip and posture, but the alignment and ball position do make  a huge difference in learning how to swing a golf club.

In order to check your alignment use some floor tiles. If you don’t have any floor tiles in your property,you can go to a flooring store and ask for some cut-offs of some vinyl flooring with a tile look to it.

how to swing a golf club



Place the golf ball on one line and set up to it and use the lines as a reference for your alignment.You want your body to be aligned parallel with the line your ball is on.

As far as the ball placement goes,opinion varies.Some golfers like the ball just inside the left heel,others prefer it further back in the stance.

In order to learn how to swing a golf you only need to practice 5 minutes a day,making sure you get your alignment right and your ball positioned where you want it.

Another tip is to place a small object one or two feet in front of your ball, and then try to swing through the ball and through the object which will help you to improve your golf swing as the follow through will be better.

You are probably thinking that this is not very helpful as you cannot take that object onto the golf course.Just remember in learning how to swing a golf club,what Jack Nicklaus said,which is that the golf swing is 50% mental picture.

Many of the great golfers use this visualisation technique as they stand on the tee. A very good example of using this mental picture takes place in high jump.Next time you see a high jumper watch as he/she gets ready to jump.At the very beginning you can see the jumper visualising the run up,which they will do several times before setting off to clear the bar.

To show how important alignment is here is a quote from Nick Faldo ( winner of 6 Major titles) :

“It goes without saying it is no good having a perfect setup,perfect grip, and perfect golf swing if the whole thing is misaligned.It sounds obvious but many golfers simply do not spend enough time getting themselves on target.”

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