How to Swing like Ben Hogan

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Here is a brief overview of the Ben Hogan golf swing by My Swing Evolution. I would also like to share my new film/instructional video The Hogan Code, which is unlike any other golf video on the market. It tells my story and reveals the secrets that I discovered while I was 6 on my year quest to swing like the great Ben Hogan.

Master the golf swing today with The Hogan Code!

And, for the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

You can click on the link below for more details!

The video is available for download for $29.95 or for a one day rental for $19.95.

27 Responses to “How to Swing like Ben Hogan”

  1. Tyler Franger says:

    depends on the player if this works or not. everyone is unique and not like
    hogan. hogan’s swing is a one plane swing. I feel like a taller person
    would struggle with this. im 6’1 and I use to be flat like this all the
    time. as I got older and taller though, I started pull hooking alot of my
    shots. my coach showed me how to get my hands much higher and away from my
    body so I wasn’t so deep as you put it. I also gained 20 yards on my drive
    because of this advice because my swing got longer. look at bubba watson,
    he’s a prime example of someone who gets his hands very high in his swing.
    thats how he gets his power. all in all, this swing isn’t for me I feel.
    but I can imagine helping others greatly.

    • Richard Warren (Coupon Pickr) says:

      +Tyler Franger Same here but I’m 6’0″.

    • Todd Victorson says:

      +Tyler Franger You’re exactly right Tyler. I’m 6′, and I remember from my
      golfing days that when my swing got “flat”, I hit the ball fat, pull hooked
      it, etc. And it also seemed like when I swung “flat”, I also had a reverse
      pivot on the backswing, and we all know how bad that is. I think someone
      like Adam Scott would be a better model to emulate especially for someone

  2. fulviauno1 says:

    Hello Christo. You are the only you tuber I ever subscribed to. I am
    Hogan’s greatest fan. Since 1955 I have studied every gem the man provided
    the world with. In 2011 I finally figured out “the secret”. Despite
    arthritis and advancing years, I have had the best 4 years of my life and
    can still chop it around my local track, Royal Birkdale in 70
    something.Something in Hogan’s “5 fundamentals” baffled me and it took me
    over 50 years to understand/ work it out. I have sent “the secret” all over
    the planet, mainly to pro golfers. I sold the item at a low price in
    support of a kids’-cancer charity, and gave it freely to Phil Mickelson
    (who needed it) among others.I would like to pass it on to you, as I think
    you do very professional presentations. Hopefully you would pass it on to
    the world. I don’t know how I could do this, with regards to privacy but
    you are welcome to contact me by text to my mobile 07746 217262 and we can
    go from there.Looking at your grip, I don’t think it would improve you.
    However it will give you a far greater understanding of Hogan’s control of
    the club shaft. It won’t cost you a dime, as I am quite happy to pay
    postage or can send electronically, so you really have nothing to lose and
    much to gain.From the dozens I have posted out, I have only positive
    feedback, but am acutely aware that higher handicap golfers struggle to
    understand its content. This intrigues me as it is written in very simple
    language and illustrated. It is only some 4 A4 pages, so you can read it
    before breakfast, no trouble.As a fellow student, once it is under your
    bonnet, I would like your honest feedback, as thus far no one has ever come
    back to me with great excitement.My own game has been re ignited by this. I
    was a caddie at 7 with a Ryder Cup hopeful (my, how times have changed),
    and an assistant pro from 1966 to 1972. Since then I have always been
    involved in golf an taught many, many people to play to their potential.I
    look forward to your response, Mel Blake

  3. Regis Hegron says:

    Une très belle video sur un pur swing de champion … Merci Christo

  4. Ray Frosti says:

    Nice job.

  5. Graham Eddy says:

    The Hogan roll is a revolutionary way of thinking about squaring the club
    face. You should start the myswingrevolution!

  6. Matt Mills says:

    hit some of the sweetest irons yesterday trying to mimic this. My driver is
    the hardest to master as my swing is steep, due to standing up (which I’ve
    just discovered) and therefore having to compensate. I feel ‘cramped’ when
    staying down through the swing and close the face, coming slightly from the
    outside causing a pull. But man, the irons from 5-pw feel amazing. Gonna
    stick with it and hopefully I can get that driver right and get my handicap
    back to a 3. thanks for the info.

  7. John Steven says:

    Great video! I will try to work on my swing according to your tips!

  8. jared miller says:

    could you check the swing I posted on my page and leave some feedback in
    the comments? I’m a 12 handicap and am looking for any tips that could get
    me to single digits. I’d appreciate it tons!

  9. James Banks says:

    the swing Hogan used is a little flatter and easier on the body my friends
    say my swing looks easier but the ball goes farther I’m a 14 handicap but
    have shot 79 4 times depending on my putting I guess that’s goes for a lot
    of people my goal is to be a single digit handicap I think it’s very

  10. Sean Ewing says:


  11. ds1868 says:

    Really good presentation, thanks for posting this!

  12. Michael Dercole says:

    Not everyone was flexible like hogan, And he made his swing work for

  13. Benjamin Jones says:

    yeah went from long thumb to short thumb, feels much better, gained a
    little distance too

  14. Charlie Brind says:

    Christo – you have absolutely rejuvenated my enthusiasm for this game. I
    was a collegiate player 35+ years ago and still carry a low single digit
    but found I was playing more off of athletic ability versus swing
    fundamentals. The main area where I’m not getting to the proper position is
    my hip rotation at impact (standing too tall at impact as well). What do
    you recommend for drilling that in to your swing? As an aside, I watched a
    Johnny Miller video on Hogan this morning and he made the point that his
    left palm faces the target at the finish, which he claimed no one did
    during his era, but he’s seeing it more today

  15. John Hofmann says:

    I’ve watched countless explanations of the golf swing and this one is spot

  16. TheDonzim says:

    thanks for a easy tutorial on hogans swing.The elbows connected to the
    upper body and starting the swing with the body is key.Your instruction
    helped me to strike the ball pure,and reminded me it is not an arm swing.
    thank you for getting my game on track!!

  17. Justin Hernandez says:

    As much as the swing looks good I believe you must use your own swing and
    not mimic others

    • myswingevolution says:

      I used my own swing for 30 years and averaged in the high 80’s. I started
      studying Hogan’s 5 Lessons and broke eighty 14 times the first year.

  18. Veradel97 says:

    you have the body type of Ben Hogan which helps. I am 6’2 170, so would his
    same swing principles help me just as much? Or should I look toward the
    swing of a golfer built more like me? (If so, could someone give me some
    names? I dont really follow the pros much).

  19. John Jaconsky says:

    Hey Christo
    Great video I am a member of your my swing evolution website and also
    purchased your dvd the Hogan Code
    I like the tip about changing elbows from right to left. It really turned
    on a light bulb as to why I am not finishing my swing properly.
    This video is a good companion piece to the Hogan Code dvd. Thanks again

    • myswingevolution says:

      Thank you, JJ! It makes me so happy to share the things that have totally
      changed my understanding of the swing. There is so much I didn’t know

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