It’s All in the Hips

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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For your own personal swing analysis from me, please visit A great drill to train your lower body and the hips to initiate your downswing, for a better impact position, and added power in the swing. Using a great lesson from Ben Hogan, and the swings of Rory Mcilroy, and Dustin Johnson as models.

22 Responses to “It’s All in the Hips”

  1. Þorsteinn 'Olafsson says:

    Hi. Love your videoes.
    If the hips are 45 open how much should the sholders be open at impact in
    this drill?

  2. Luke Moran says:

    I do this in my swing, it’s a must. However in order for it to work
    properly I have to be more upright in posture so that my body does not
    smother the ball.

  3. Yelnik McGwawa says:

    Imagine that you are unloading groceries from a car.. hugging a bag of
    groceries in each arm…and you need to bump the door closed with your hip
    with just enough force. That’s the feeling of the motion that this
    instructor is explaining.

  4. TraumaER says:

    Why isn’t Tiger Woods mentioned in this video?

  5. PerkinsRooster says:

    There appears to be a downward squat into the ground to initiate the
    turning of the hips, I wonder why this wasn’t mentioned.

  6. harold coleman says:

    This is a very good lesson Mark. Go thru all of the Zach Allen tapes,
    you’ll be glad you did…

  7. Roberto Rovida says:

    I think that the rotation of the hips is actually much more effective than
    the sliding of the hips forward. That is why I initiate the downswing by
    sliding the front knee forward and rotating the hips and then sliding my
    hips forward. I think that the sliding forward of the hips as the first
    move increases the chances that an amateur golfer might find it difficult
    to rotate and he/she might get stuck in an open stance at impact.
    Not to mention the medical consequences (overload) of that sliding on the
    left hip in the long run…

  8. lonestargun says:

    This is what I need to work on. This is the missing piece to my game

  9. Dave Koczan says:

    great instruction keep them coming

  10. FairwayJack says:

    Zach…could you tell me what is meant by the phrase “running out of hip”
    …I heard it in this context “you don’t want to run out of hip in the
    downswing” ….thx !!

  11. Jeff Bahry says:

    I bump my hips, but don’t turn them out of the way properly. Great
    instruction and lesson, Zach!

  12. pat ellick says:


  13. Mike Burton says:

    I’ve watched this a 100 times and it never gets old.

  14. Bman says:

    Thank you so much dude for sharing this gold with the rest of us. U
    completely nailed it with “It’s All in the Hips”.

  15. Wayne Peel says:

    Great vid. Thanks

  16. Chea7z says:

    I don’t think the correct sensation is to lead with the hips. It’s to lag
    with the torso. Ask yourself, do you really have to worry about what the
    legs do to initiate the down swing. I believe it’s automatic. If you
    consciously lag your torso, arms, then hands during the start of your
    downswing, the only thing moving forward and rotating is the feet, legs,
    then hips. Just because the hips start first, doesn’t mean that is the
    correct swing thought. The correct drill for this imo is to swing through
    while holding the torso back as far as possible. You will notice the only
    thing moving forward and rotating first is the lower body.

  17. Piya Zoo says:

    This is awesome! Works for me. Thanks!

  18. Brad Morris says:

    I remember when I could do that… 20 years ago. :(

  19. movie guy99 says:

    Yeah no matter what I do i just don’t understand lag. Nicklaus said if you
    start with your lower body you CAN’T release with the hands too early. I
    start with my lower body but still release early. I feel like i’ve tried
    everything but never get good results as far as lag and shaft lean. If i
    try to force lag I get a shot thats pretty much a knockdown windcheater or
    I get a club that isn’t released at all and I shank it because they only
    thing left to hit the ball with is the shaft since I haven’t rotated the
    clubface around.

    • Mike Rodrick says:

      When I release my hips that much without the forward hip shift, I pull the
      ball badly. The ball goes exactly where my stomach is facing which is too
      far right. Lefty golfer.

  20. Scott Shields says:

    What is the stick doing exactly?

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