Kip Puterbaugh, Hogan & Nicklaus Similarities

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Visit Kip at – This swing analysis is provided by Kip Puterbaugh, The Aviara Golf Academy, Carlsbad, CA. The discussion is to show the similarities of the hip turn and leg drive of these great two players.

4 Responses to “Kip Puterbaugh, Hogan & Nicklaus Similarities”

  1. jpsartrean says:

    Where is this footage from Hogan taken from?? Thanks…

  2. Kip Puterbaugh says:

    @jpsartrean – Hogan swing was from the 1966 or 67 Masters and was on the
    highlight VHS that Augusta sold.

  3. Jim Puterbaugh says:

    great analysis. never have seen this before.

  4. SnakeFeeder says:

    Good video…

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