Martin Ayers v. Ben Hogan, an analysis by Kelvin Miyahira

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Martin Ayers is a golf instructor based in Australia that teaches something called "The Twirl", which I understand he based on the swing of Ben Hogan. Let's see how close, if at all, Martin gets to swinging like The Hawk.

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  1. jeffy10028 says:

    And Bubba could give us 10 a side and “towel” us! So what? Martin should
    thank Kelvin for the lesson.

  2. jeffy10028 says:

    For all you rushing to Martin’s defense, this is what he posted at SITD
    regarding this video: “Well for my part….I think Kelvin’s analysis of my
    swing there was really good. I have said right here in this thread much the
    same thing about those swings….unbalanced…too far forward. It’s not
    like I dropped tools after those swings and proclaimed I ‘had it’.” Martin
    seems to have his head screwed on right regarding his swing. Maybe the rest
    of you could learn something from his attitude.

  3. drbrouillard says:

    Martin ayers

  4. jeffy10028 says:

    FYI, I have handled three of Hogan’s drivers at the USGA museum and there
    wasn’t anything particularly unusual about the length, weight, lie angle or
    face angle. Hogan’s irons were shorter than standard so they played “flat”,
    but the lie angles weren’t far off standard. Swingweights of the irons were
    in the C7 to C9 range, as I recall; wedges were D2 and D5.

  5. rogolf22 says:

    Kelvin, your statement about Hogan’s “Fall” in to the left foot/leg is spot
    I always saw that as his signature move into the downswing, not so much as
    push off the right side as I have heard other instructors say. And I see
    from Martin staying on the left side into his backswing is causing Martin
    to stop any more forward movement and you can see Martin also tilts his
    spine more away from impact and it forces him to cross over his arms vs.
    Hogan rotating his body and his arms more connected in front of him through
    impact. I would love to hear a reply

  6. rogolf22 says:

    No discredit or shame should be put on anyone commenting about the golf
    What one sees and feels is different and the the commentary should be
    without malice. 

  7. Joseph Park says:

    wow martin ayers got a really good swing. I’ve never seen it before. I
    don’t think martin ayer is trying to copy ben hogans swing. 

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