MSE Ben Hogan Lesson from Billy Martin

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A friend named Billy Martin sent me a video lesson to help with my approach and address. It helped a ton! If you'd like to see more of Billy's work you can find it below…

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Youtube channel is wmartinmo

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31 Responses to “MSE Ben Hogan Lesson from Billy Martin”

  1. Birdie Strikers says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I need that reminder every once and a
    while that it’s not about the end, it’s about the journey. I had a pretty
    rough day on the course yesterday after practicing so hard. Feel like I’m
    getting worse sometimes. I don’t think I would or could keep going if I
    didn’t love the work. Thanks again for posting. It’s fun to follow you. 

  2. natollys says:

    Hey Brother……….you need to stay on your back foot more………Drive
    with the right leg……pre-set the hip turn ……at the top of the back
    swing ….sit down into that right hip……Keep the weight there …then
    swing that weight through the strike…..right elbow tucked in…supinate
    the left wrist at impact…..feel the right hand pass-over the left…
    you power back to square at impact….A nice high finish will
    follow….it’s easy when you type it….!!!!! Always learn allot from
    you” Brother Christo”….Christ in Gaelic means “Oil”and Oil means
    Learning….. I thought that fit quite nicely………”Brother

  3. Ben Hogan's Letter Lessons says:

    Gosh, you look great! I will get back with you. Just awesome.

  4. Green Tuber says:

    Seeing you hit shots off pristine dry turf, with blue skies and sun, in
    November is making me very (sick) jealous! I’m off to San Diego if I win
    the lottery!
    Good stuff Christo, less flip at the bottom now – I like it! I’d still
    like to see another knuckle (or two!) on your left hand! 😉 Keep at it!

  5. Antonio Santa says:

    Chirsto, your swing is looking better every single time I see it. I often
    wonder (because of editing) if you have a set pre-shot routine? Even though
    I look at you and Gabriel Writer for guidance on the golf swing, as a
    bowling coach, I always have my students write out a pre-shot routine. You
    should always have a thinking box and a doing box. I notice that sometimes
    sit and marinade on a shot for a bit thinking about what needs to be done.
    I would love to know what your process os all about. Thank you!

  6. Scott Willi says:

    Wow! Getting the pre-shot routine analyzed. Here’s some questions: it
    doesn’t appear that a secondary target is used (a divot in line with the
    target, a blade of grass, etc.). How does the stance get set-up to target?
    How does the club-face set-up to target? It looks like you’re just looking
    at the target as you approach the ball and setting the stance and club.
    Obviously there’s more to it than that, but does my question make sense?
    Maybe give a brief run through of the pre-shot.

    PS- love what you were saying at the end. That’s exactly what running the
    marathon was like for me. You have to enjoy the work and the process. And
    after one goal is reached (i.e. qualifying for Boston), you go for the next
    goal (breaking 3 hours)…2:55…etc. You find other people and challenges
    to help with the next step in the journey. But if you don’t enjoy working
    at something, you don’t care to improve.

  7. nigel brooks says:

    OMG how sweet are you swinging the club now .what grips are you gaming
    please they look cool

  8. L&P Inc. says:


  9. Emi Pascuzzo says:

    Hey Christo.. just wanted to say thanks for your vids.. I love how you
    explain things and I love the fact that you are so humble, Keep up the
    great work!

  10. Dave Shelton says:

    “It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in
    the happiness of pursuit.” -Denis Waitley

  11. gmonkey808 says:

    I now find myself rating swings by ‘listening’ to the ball contact sound.
    As you know this has much to do with recording quality but im really loving
    the sound of your compression. As always I love how much you love golf and
    how much you love ‘thinking golf’. 

  12. charly yoo says:

    “The joy is in the process” could be an alternate name for your channel
    Christo. Since day one, I’ve been following your process and it inspired me
    to continue my own process. At times a bit frustrating but in a good way. 

  13. MrJasonfromcanada says:

    Im 38 and started golfing 3 years ago. Your videos have been an inspiration
    to me. 

  14. Steve King says:

    Wondering Christo: I’m looking for a decent indoor net and mat setup and
    wondering if you can recommend any?

  15. Mitch Cumstein says:

    Easy! Son your gettin too close to the “taint” on your club face.

  16. rdlez says:

    Slow motion Christo so we can see the nuances of what you’re

  17. Thomas Fraser says:

    Hi Christo, On one of your videos you said that you adjusted your right
    hand placement on the club to look more like Hogan’s. Have you made any
    grip adjustments since then. I too; based on the video you showed of Hogan
    placing his right hand on the club; change my grip to look more like
    Hogan’s and found that I have been able to make repeatedly good shots. My
    only problem is that I now feel a slight twinge in the radial area of of my
    right wrist. I was wondering have you ever felt a slight sharp pain on your
    right wrist as well? Perhaps it’s just me.; but the accurate shots I am
    experiencing is worth the slight pain. By the way are you selling; My Swing
    Evolution golf shirts? If you are; make a little You Tube advertisement
    telling us how to purchase it.

    • graham jones says:

      +Thomas Fraser Hi Thomas
      I learnt with what I thought was a Hogan grip but I was clapping my hands
      around the grip but not wrapping so clap and wrap! clue start with palms
      facing up, my right arm/wrist injuries are gradually reducing and Im hittng
      the ball further and still straight

    • Thomas Fraser says:

      +graham jones I think i got it now no pain and my swing is improving. It
      funny that many people think Hogan kept a secret from us and many try to
      guess what it was. I for one think Hogan’s secret was to make people think
      he even had one.

    • graham jones says:

      +Thomas Fraser
      A secret that Hogan shows us but attaches minor importance to,is swinging
      the club with right tthumb and most of forefinger off the club.This shows
      us how to keep pressure on the grip/shaft and not throw/hit clubhead at
      ball.Works for shortgame to!

    • Thomas Fraser says:

      +graham jones I believe I have seen movies of Fred Couple’s finishing a
      swing with the right thumb and forefinger off the club. But you are right,
      I try to avoid any pressure on the club with those two items once my swing
      is started.I was wondering if you ever tried this? So as most yourself I
      believe I am starting off with the grip, stance and posture that Hogan
      recommends in his book. I would like to report what I believe to be a break
      though for me. Hogan writes that the take away begins with the hands and
      quickly followed with the arms and shoulders. I modified this just a bit by
      having my right hand pulling my left arm to the end of my back swing. It is
      as if I feel my left arm during the back swing is nothing more then a piece
      of rope that is easily pulled and straiten out by my right hand during the
      process of my back swing. With this action of my right hand, I feel a
      tremendous stretch of my back muscles and coil of my body with just the
      right amount of rotation of my hips. At the top of my swing I simply let go
      of my pulling of the right hand and inaugurate the downswing with the
      turning of the hips as Hogan recommends in his book. Tom Tomasello, a golf
      instructor during Hogan’s time was the first to come out with the notion
      that as far as golf goes the left arm is simply a piece of rope. Try this
      minor adjustment and I bet you will add 10 more yard to your full swing
      capacity, I had my Brother in law try this the other day and he could not
      believe the power he had over the ball. Tomasello says in a golf swing one
      should use effortless power over powerless effort. PS: Hogan’s friend Sam
      Snead said the the downswing start with the pulling down of the left hand.
      So whichever you prefer; hips or left hand; with tomasello back swing
      method, the downswing will work for anyone,

    • graham jones says:

      +Thomas Fraser
      Maybe something similar,for me the right side does dominate the backswing
      in terms of coiling the right shoulder(waiters tray analogy)setting the
      width but the left shoulder is activated too, for me a good way to feel
      this is to swing a tennis racket two handed trying to create power and
      swish without a heavy clubhead dominating a swinging action.
      Also remember Hogan was naturally left handed so I have really had to work
      on my left sholder/arm working through the ball as i fire my right
      side(left arm only swings)
      I dont want to say anymore as this isprob off topic and not sure if Christo
      would agree with this and would want to check as Ive been inspired by his
      Hogan quest
      .In conclusion I differ from you in that my left shoulder/arm is very
      active through the ball as in a lefthanded backhand.

  18. rick petryk says:

    it’s a journey not a destination

  19. Thomas Fraser says:

    Hi Christo, Closer observation of your swing I notice that you maintain the
    right hand dorsiflexion throughout the swing. Many great players of today
    and yesterday are known to do this exact thing. I believe you refer this to
    as ‘the claw’ that Moe Norman talked about vaguely in one of his
    interviews. I am doing this with great success as well and I love at the
    end of my swing seeing the palm of my left hand facing the target, I find
    it works better with a weaker left handed grip as opposed to a stronger 2-3
    knuckle grip of the left hand, Do you as well?

    • myswingevolution says:

      Yes, Thomas. However, Dustin Johnson can pull it off with a very strong
      grip. To each, his own!

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